Attention North Indians

Please stop using “would” when you mean “will”. For example, you shouldn’t say. “I would be coming for dinner” when you mean “I will be coming for dinner”
Thank you.

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  1. @Orion:

    How exactly do you know that I copied and pasted it? Let me know. I could have written it myself, though the likelihood seems alien to you. Do you think that there are Marathi portals in English:)

    As far as IAS/IPS/IFS officers are concerned, please understand one thing (if you can). Politicians can be and are thrown out every five years. They are accountable to the people even if in a somewhat illusory way. Politicians can be voted out of power.

    IAS/IPS/IFS officers cannot be thrown out or removed-ever. They actually run the country. They take the key decisions and are in charge of governance. The bureacracy has the responsibility of actual implementation. Politicians may make promises but it’s upto bureacracts to implement them. In other words, regardless of how corrupt, inefficient, lazy or irresponsible or downright evil an officer is, nothing can be done against him. Other than transferring him to some remote district. There too, because there are no checks on him, whether he comes to work or not makes no difference.

    If governance in this country is as bad it is, then IAS/IPS officers etc have to take a lot of the blame. There’s no point trying to make them out to be geniuses. The SE Asian countries didn’t have any IAS and have done a far better job of providing basic services to their citizens, as have China and even some countries in Latin America. Countries without any IAS/IPS officers have done much better than us in serving their citizens and providing some minimum services-that’s the truth, whether you like it or not.

    The IAS officers are a law unto themselves. Irrespective of whether they perform or not, work or not, deliver the goods or not, they cannot be touched. They cannot be sacked nor even punished in any way. Quite simply, regardless of how determined a politician might be, the bureacracy can prevent any of his efforts from bearing fruit. You can want a project to be up and running in six months-it can take six,sixteen or 60 years if the bureacracy wants it.

    Politicians come and go, the IAS/IPS officers actually RUN the country. Whatever you see in India, good or bad, they, as much as the politicians are responsible. The mess that we see in India today is their creation.

    Roads are bad, garbage doesn’t get collected, streetlights aren’t switched off, traffic is unregulated, public toilets are unusable, there’s shit and urine everywhere, public transport is horrible (if at all it exists), slum dwellers grab any open piece of land they can and get away with it, the pollution is so bad that you can’t breathe properly, the traffic is so bad you can spend hours just stuck waiting to work or coming back home, power goes off everday for several hours together, water comes only for a few hours in a day, you have to hire private security guards for everything because policing is so bad, mounds of garbage lie uncollected everywhere, huge potholes open up with a few minutes of rainfall, pavements are taken over by hawkers, trees are chopped down without thinking once (let alone twice), milk and food adulteration is rampant, flyovers and other infrastructure projects run into delays lasting months, if not years (Delhi’s Shahdara flyover, Bangalore’s KC Circle flyover, Hyderabad’s Jamai Osmania flyover, Chennai’s Kathipara, Pune’s agriculture college flyover just to give a few examples) acres and acres of farm land on the outskirts of the cities are converted to residential townships and shopping complexes and what not sans even the slightest of planning or forethought resulting in the ugliest of urban sprawl, illegal and unauthorized construction happening everywhere (Delhi’s Sainik Farms to give one infamous example), drainage systems which collapse with a few centimetres of rain, vanishing public spaces for children to play, high rise buildings coming up in areas entirely incapable of providing amenities for them, glass & steel monstrosities which change the climate of the place and need artifical airconditioning springing up everywhere, malls, multiplexes and resteraunts having no provision for parking resulting in a virtual war over parking space in every major city, vanishing greenery

    come my dear Orion, come and see city government hospitals without medecines, without syringes, without needles, often without swabs and sometimes without even enough cotton. Come and see blood stained bedclothes, soiled sheets and pillows, the filthy unflushed toilets, no pillows or pillow cases,
    the abonimable attitude of the nurses and doctors (if at all they are on duty).

    Go into any government-run school and see how

    Mind you, that’s just the BIG cities. The smaller towns, most of them anyway, are infinitely worse. Even basic education and health facilties are absent or scarce. As for the villages, the less said the better.

    Who’s responsible for the above state of affairs? The Corporation. Who’s in charge of the Corporation-the Municiapl Commissoner. He calls the shots by and large, unless there’s an elected mayoral system which by and large we don’t have, other than Chennai. Who’s the Commissioner-an IAS officer-ALWAYS.

    Policing-who’s in charge? The Police Department-who’s in charge of it? Who takes the key decisions, who actually decides what’s to be done, who calls the shots? The DCP, ACP, SP, Inspector-General and above, right up to the Chief of Police. Who are they? All, All, IPS officers. Always IPS officers.

    Traffic police, who’s responsible? Same story as above. What about roads? Generally in India, roads are constructed by two bodies, the SRCC (state road development/construction corporation) and the PWD and/or the roads and buildings department. All these are generally headed by IAS officers.

    City hospitals come under the Health Department, again headed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education. Who is he or she? An IAS officer.

    What about Public Transport? All bus transport services, be it BMTC, APSRTC, MTC, PMT et etc, are headed by IAS officers. You can check it out for yourself.

    BEST in Mumbai is an exception. Not surprisingly, BEST is the best bus service in India.

    How about education? Again there’s a ministry in charge of education. It’s day to day running is taken care of by-you guessed it-IAS officers.

    How about the other departments i.e. sewage and drainage, traffic control and management, crime, law enforcement and buildings, and above all planning? Who’s the guy/gal in charge of every ministry?

    The one who actually runs the ministry’s affairs on a day to day basis? The one who actually implements the policies and promises made on the floors of the state legislatures and Lok Sabhas and during election campaigns? It is the Secretary of that Department and the senior level officers.

    Who are all of them? They are mostly-if not ALL-IAS/IPS/IFS officers.

    I rest my case.

  2. Respond to me before you respond to these other guys:0

    Let’s see you respond this:)


    Before replying to Ramanjuman and the others, I read through your responses to the others. It’s bugging you isn’t it? Realizing that North India has been left far behind, far far behind. In actual fact, it’s kind a laughable how bravely you’re defending North India.

    The reality is, in this brave new world of IT,BT,NT and other knowledge technologies, North Indians goose is cooked-and they know it. The world of today is where brains count, not brawn. North Indians know that they’re doomed in the knowledge-era.

    Welcome to India’s knowledge capital.

    Welcome to south India.

    While Chennai competes with New York or Beijing, Lucknow and Patna have become shitholes. While Bangalore competes with Singapore and Hong Kong, Jaipur languishes in the Rajasthani dust. While Tamil Nadu is now becoming another Germany or France, Madhya Pradesh/Bihar/UP/ are called Bimaru states. While Kerala wins global fame for its healthcare and education achievements, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand languish in Naxalism.

    There are two Indias today. While Karnataka and Bangalore are on the IT and BT expressway, Punjab and Haryana are busy aborting female feotesus. While AP is becoming the knowledge valley of Asia, with Hyderabad starting to become another Shanghai or Bangkok, Bihar struggles to even build a decent college. AP is on the knowledge highway, with a combination of pharma, IT, BT and emerging technologies. Hyderabad and AP are poised to become the knowledge valley of South Asia with superior education and world-class infrastructure.

    Chennai is the automobile capital of India while Tamil Nadu has become another Malaysia or Thailand. Contrast this with Haryana, whose showpiece city Gurgaon has no roads, no water, power, no sewage and no public transport.

    It’s not just big cities either. Coimbatore has become a huge industrial hub, Tirupur the knitting hub of Asia and Sivakasi the firecrackers hub of India. All this while Dehradun clings on to its handful of schools, Allabad the fading memory of its once-great University and other cities languish in obscurity.

    Who talks about Gwalior, Indore, Jaipur, Faridabad, Kanpur, Patna, Bhopal, Dehradun, Shimla anymore?

    But Vizag has become the biggest port in India, Coimbatore an industrial hub bigger than anything in North India, Mysore is emerging as counterpoint to Bangalore while Kochi is an emerging metropolis in its own right.

    Kerala actually can become a giant metropolis. With its four airports, excellent roads, skilled, industrious people, long coastline, the whole of Kerala can become a giant city with living standards to boot.

    That’s the paradox in India today. While TN and AP increasingly resemble the Asean nations with Bangalore and Hyderabad global cities, Rajasthan and MP are mired in caste politics. While Kerala is fast becoming a first-world country and Chennai the automobile capital of Asia, UP can only think of building statues.

    Now is the time to think bigger-much, much bigger for South India. It’s time for the South Indians to benchmark their cities against Bangkok, Singapore, Kaula Lampur, Jakarta, New York, Shanghai and London. Time to leave the rape capital and slum capital of India way, way behind.

    Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad must benchmark and beat global cities. Andhra has to benchmark itself against Thailand, Tamil Nadu against South Korea, Karnataka against Malaysia.

    Welcome to the future. Welcome to the knowledge economy. Welcome to the India which has logged on to the IT superhighway, the India which leads the world in BT and rules it in IT. The India which the world is watching in bated breath. The India which is being talked about as the next superpower. The India of scientists, engineers, medical tourism, world-class hospitals, bio-tech, info-tech, nano-tech, high quality education and first world standard of living.

    Welcome to South India-the gateway to tomorrow.

    No offense northies. But you’ve been beaten-fair and square.

    Be gracious and admit it.

  3. Guys,

    I’m from southern india my opinions with no prejudice or offending intended :

    1) Southies movies suck ( though i’m from south ) atleast Bollywood has quality & music & choreography & the actors / actresses look good

    2) Many southies though earning high bucks they doesn’t have the basic neatness & i advise them to learn it from the Northies

    3) Hate to watch south Indian movies ( Bulll shit!!!) all look one & the samew with the Protagonists with Ugly ( fuck ) faces with dark fatty including quite often Daadi ( beard ) & Muuch ( moustache ). It looks funny they (southies ) feel proud of carrying their F****ng moustache along with their Dark fatty A**. Ridiclous to watch all south actors dancing with the heroines who’re far more fair , slim & younger by many years ( Ugly heroes but cute actresses ( 99% of the heroines / actresses in Southie movies are imported ) ( shame on you Southies !!!). Why don’t you southies import Pamela anderson , carmen electra, kirsten dunst to act with the Kollywood & Tollywood & Malluwood ( guess mollywood or something ) to act alongside the dickhead actors ( southie heroes )

    4) I agree that southies are good in IT as techies but rest is all bakwas. I mean all the successful business peole abroad & successful marketing, sales people besides best indian CEO’s are Northies.

    5) You ( southies ) say that bollywood uses your Technicality ( i agree your’e the best in Technicality & limited only to india ) but your nothing when compared to the hollywood technicians working for various Indian movies like Brian Jennings ( dasavatharam ). I knew that you (southies ) get all the training from all the feragis ( whites ). I won’t advise you learn something from the ferangis but atleast do learn something from your Northie brothers ( you can’t generalize a race )

    6) A westerner would watch a bollywood movie than the Cocksucking shit ( southie movie – all are crap ). Even Rehmans music sucks ( he copy’s from all over the world & mixes & name it as a fusion music )

    7) Exposing & Semi nude dances are more in south folm industry & not in Bollywood ( You can’t beat bollywood in music, quality in making )

    8) AAj ka jamane mey i find more bitches in south than in the North . I say south Indian culture is a F***ed up culture ( new evolution!!!)

    9) English spoken by southies is pathetic with funny accents & high MTI & the only people who’re good in english communication ( worked in 5 cities / metroes in India ) are north indians.

    10) You ( southies ) won’t learn hindi which is the most simple & the sweetest language of India ( I learned it fluently in a month ) 3 years back while i’m in North India ( Thanks to the North India ) & now my commincation is so good that people feel i’m a north indian & i only converse in hindi & english in all the south indian cities except in my hometown ( a small town in south India )

    11) Probably i feel your shit ( kaala southie movies ) can better be watched by americans & europeans. Why dont you market rajini, maaaaaaamuttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy( Meri muttyme thumhari land ) films in us, europe & australia. Guess all those ferangis will get obesssed of your ugly dark assed f*** faced heroes ) ( southies )

    12) Most southies don’t use a deo & it sucks when they smell like shit.

    13) If southies want to learn better english best my advice is to learn hindi start talking in hindi first & start moving with some good Northies ( atleast then you will lear some culture & etiquette Mate!!!)

    14) Finally i know that no one is perfect at the end of the day & applies to both Northies & southies. Both the races aren’t bad ( you cant generalize ) but southies need to go a long way to appear like homosapiens first of all

    15) Why don’t you ( southies ) make movies with nayanathare & other southie actresses with american black actors ( Their Black D***s will be compatible to your southie bitches in southy movies ) & you can also get some blondes imported or packaged to act along side dark & shabby southies faces.

    No offence towards southies learn hindi, be neat & tidy & act practical & dont make yourself funny ( shame on you !!!)

  4. ramanujam, I went through your posts and found very little difference in time stamps between some posts, though the volume of the text was huge. So I interpreted that either you copy pasted the text or you are the world’s fastest typist πŸ˜€

  5. ohh maheshaaaaaaaaaaa babuaaaaaaaa ko jai ho ,one day in my office i asked a guy if chiru is a superstar,he got angry he told me in an angry way ,dont u dare say taht again our chiruaaaaaaaaaa is a mega start ,:) ,wit to say

  6. orion,

    you assol. have you tried reading your posts. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself. Do you eat food ?

    What is wrong with you? If someone reads this forum they end it with utter disgrace because of your posts. How do you lead a normal life – you piece of nonsense.

    Don’t resort to calling my mother and all the women in my life names. Because, it only reflects on you and not on me.

    I want you to do something – think of someone who holds you in high regard, maybe your dad, or your kid and try reading them the nonsense you have written here. That will serve you well. Maybe you will start behaving like a normal human being then. When people who love and respect you get to know what crap you are, then you will know your rightful place on this earth.

  7. i think ap ppl shld introspect ,or i would suggest ppl to work in hyd office then they ll unstd wit i am saying ,there is total discrimination in name of language ,i never faced such situation in blore or chenai
    ppl here intearact only with their state ppl ,i am the onl north indian ,so they aviod and probaly make fun of me thr their jokes nd all

    one guy said to me once northies are destrying hyd culture ,wit a joke

    they form their groups and all day keep talking as in criticizing northies ,shame of them

  8. @Rohit,

    My Opinions:

    There should be any discrimination on the basis of language ( ridiculous……) as you rightly said. Besides being the 3rd largest spoken language though ( in india ) they can’t show disrespect to the National Language.

    Interacting with your state ppl only is wonderful & i call it as eating your own shit!!!. First of all the ppl mentioned by Mate Rohit have to interact with the ppl of other states, otherwise as you know you can call them as having some psychological problems ( malady!!! sick mentality of the ppl ( Majority in AP ).

    How come the Gr8 Gultis make fun of you ( especially towards outsiders )n i hate that kind of shit!!!

    In reality you can be influenced by various external elements / factors but eventually what you take is what you are & you can’t blame Northies for that…..

    Infact according to my knowledge i call the ppl mere Ar**H***s if they blame the outsiders / Northies . I wanna ask the same ppl ( in AP ) what the f**k you retain your so called state tradition my dear buggers…..A**Bangers……..

    It’s foolish to generalize a particular community & making fun out of them…………

    Rohit….mey aap seh ehh bhaat khna chahthahu ki ejo log aap ko northie pukarke majak udarare, ohtho belkul paagal log hey yaar!!!. These ppl i wanna call them the Madr**i……..

    I’m also from the same state & speak the same language ( besides hindi ) akin to the ppl mentioned in AP but i’m not sick minded as the so called Gult*s…n far more advanced & look like a North Indian ( have good pals 4rm both south n north ) & i hate to be a typical AP crap…………..

    Shame on you Gultis………………………………:)

    Baghvan ko bhi oosko sudharna tho muskhil hey yaar Rohit…..Mate!!!

  9. Sala Gultis….. Sudar ne keliye tho koshish karna padega. The most underdeveloped species on the planet. I can point out loads of drawbacks before you blame the Northies………

    Stop watching your dirty movies……..n WTF you wanna be in the Nutshell………..

    In Europe the most decent Men n women ( cultured ) are Northies only……….

    Shame on you G**ties…………..

  10. @Rohit,

    My only advice to you Mate!!! is to ignore these D***heads n move on. They’re just Morons or retards who will be in their own cocoon n make fun of all the things which they’re not aware of… Atleast you know the real ( decent / Modern ) world….

    You can also make fun of them as i know their Vocab & their English communication is pathetic & heavily accented.

    Like ” Clienta comming ah………USA goingah!!!

    I”m a super exception though ( currently with my Northie mates!!!).

    Thanks to my working n friendship with Northie ( i call North Mates!!!) my communication is tremendous with no MTI.

    Entire AP is famous for horrible MTI in their English & hindi as well ( i speak Hindi with a UP dialect n you can’t recognize ).

    These Gu**ies are a rotten piece of shit!!!

    LoL……….:) for their poor communication in English ( other than hindi ) with MTI ( sucks ) ( guess they watch more regional films BTW ). LMAO. Uncivilized species ( PPL mentioned )

  11. @uglyGul**es

    These so called GU**ies don;t even watch English movies n bollywood Movies instead watch their own crap…..( never ask them who’s ursula andress or audrey heppburn is!!!) .

    Their heroes are pathetic to watch with Muuch n all ( many at times daadi also ) ( gandi hey dhikne mey ) & they don’t have any local actresses ( short of good looking chicks….:) n so they import all of them from Bollywood / mumbai. My $ 1 Million question i wanna ask Gul**es is why don’t you import the heroines / actresses from Russia, Germany, France ( you can put Eva Green ), Italy ( you can try with Monica Belucci…(Yummy hot chick) or atleast an african lookie …. adarkie like …….Naomi campbell or Thandie Newton ( I love her in MI-2 ) ……..Guess Gult**s need to check out what these name ara!! Checkinggu names Russian actresses ahhhhhhhaaaa……………..

    You can istead swap your local actors / heroes to be in hollywood ( guess they need to lobby with Ms.Barbara Brocolli……………Dar lagtha hey imagine kar ke kyu ki local AP Heroes / Actors will be a terrific competitors to Daniel Craig ( New Bond ) or would better suit to act in the place of Tom Cruise ( Fightingah……..Goodhooooooooooooooooo)

    Behenchod Gult**s………………………………………..

    Shame on your typical characters n your’e similar to those Kaala ( Black ) buffaloes in Hyd………LMAO……..:)

    Kannadigas are a bit better i feel than AP PPL……even keralites ( they adjust n cultured ……).

    But Neither Northies nor Sotuhies ( including Bangalorites ) can beat me in any ways since i’m million light years ahead …..:)

    Gand marlena Gulti ka………………………………….

  12. @Rottenshit,


    Even my close Canadian ( White / ferangi ) has picked up Hindi very well & not even a single word ( though stayed in Hyd for 1 year ).

    Eat your own shit!!! & feel proud of yourself maniacs…..:)


  13. anon, does smone pay you a few cents to copy paste the same mis-spelled text again and again on this thread? Get over it man, its only a few cents, by the time your daughter will be of marriagable age, there wont be any dowry system left, so you gotta stop going for cheap ways to earn money now πŸ˜€ But if you already have a daughter to marry, I can’t really help you. Sorry πŸ™


    If they fight with each other so much on the Internet, I wonder what they’ll do if left Open in the dirty Indian fields

  15. sry orion ,usually i agree with u but this time i differ with u ,i think we shld help the concerned person wit whateve th needs ,so wit

    if he speaks with 50 extra a’s at the end of every sentence

    if they degrade image of india abroad by multipying every dollar spend with 45 rs

    if they were most unhappy when rupee came to 40

    if they eat with hands like they havent eaten for 50 days

    if they dont want to include other state ppl in their groups and exclude them frm office talks etc etc

    if they dont no the difference between eva longoria,eva mendes and eva green

    ramu (my fav dir) recently said he doesnt have the sensiiblity to make a telugu movie ,after living in hyd for 3 months i no wht he is sayig πŸ™‚

    {pls add 50 extra a’s at the end of evey word)

  16. @Rohit,

    Ramu is a Mumbai obesessed freak! Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood ) doesn’t give a heck whether he wanna make a movie or give in his shit (Ramu’s shit ). Stupid Ramu copies all Hollywood movies & puts the plot in Bollywood Movies.

    Guess you donno that Rohit Chacha!!!

    Ramu’s face itself is ugly like his own dick!!!. Better he (Ramu-director ) makes a better crap in Bollywood. All these shitfaces will get concepts / plots from the western movies even perhaps from Korea ( Movies ).

    Naked Truth: Ramu is expelled from Tollywood as we don’t care abt the shit!!! ……………………..Dickhead Rohit!!!

    You said: If they eat with hands like they havent eaten for 50 days.

    Do you ( i mean – Bimaru barbaric morons!!! ) eat Roti’s with spoon, fork, knife ( a swiss knife i would suggest for you ) or what. Suvarka aulaaad Rohit!!!

    You stating Ramu (Director ) is your favourite shows how Uncivilized you’re…. Bakchidhi mat kar……theri gaand me daldunga Lal mirch Saley!!!

    Like wise may be your favourites could be the Chu**iya Chopra’s & Johar’s Gadhey!!!

  17. That Bangalore,Hyd,Chennai etc are comparable with international cities is a big joke. Someone must be smoking pot.

    And I would definitely wont say that any North Indian city can be compared with places like Singapore. No city in India can boast of such an infrastructure and development.They boast of Delhi being a city ,on its way to such glory, well go to Delhi and find out urself.
    People who have written praises about the south Indian cities are mere emotional idiots who have just reacted to some comments by orion and some other folks here and totally ignored the facts.

    I am not a north Indian supporter and I definitely don’t vouch for any SI brilliance. On a whole we are all the same. If SI is so superior then it has had more than 50 yrs to clean the scum out of this country and make every city like Singapore. If NI was producing leaders and CEOs then it would have at least produced some honest leaders and politicians so that country was free of all the corrupt scum.

    Kudos to Ravikiran once again..! Man as long as people like you are alive, India can never become a developed country…!

  18. @am,

    Yes, totally agreed that no indian city would match including Delhi when compared with singapore, kuala lumpur. Only coz of the hardworking & honest people only( not indians but the locals ( Chinese, Malay etc.;) the countries like singapore, hongkong are faring well & not because of Indians setled / working there.

    Delhi is one of the horrible city’s i’ve visited. & it ( delhi ) sucks Man!!!. it’s only the people who make up a city & not the infrastructure or the other. Have seen couiple of monuments in delhi & New Delhi ( especially ) but those are all made by the superior species & rulers on this planet earth who’re well known for their administration & neatness ( when compared to Indians ). Sir Edward Lutyens has built Newdelhi. Likewise Chandigarh which is known to be the best planned city’s of India was designed by Le Corbusier ( world renowned architect ), Pierre Jeanneret, Matthew Nowicki, and Albert Mayer.

    I won’t advise S.Indians ( coz they’re modest & won’t imitate others ) but would advise the Northies ( ppl from BIMARU States ) to lick the a**es of the whites to make India a truly developed country like singapore, australia etc.; if not atleast the much hyped delhi will become like sydney or Losangeles.

    Northies suck the white D**k.You can learn a lot from them & could transform yourself atleast looking like Brit’s or americans though not in features & characteristics.

    Thanks to the British rule in S.India & my compliments for the mughal rule & oppression in the Northie land.

    At the end of the day all are indians except varying in skin tones , food etc.;

    I admit that Northies are Aryans, but they’re not the Authentic Caucasian Aryans. Northies are the 3rd class Aryans. You know what it means!!!

    Nothies like Rohit are still ” Brownies” . LoL…………..if they call themselves ” Indian looking Europeans “.

    Colour if not important, but the features & charishma are important.

    Film actresses like Jayaprada, Meghana Naidu, Sameera Reddy , Preethy Reddy are all Telugu!!!

    I bow to the whites for their white Power. USA is the world Leader & majority ruling is whites & that’s the reason.

  19. Northies, smooch the white ass…………..:). It’s yummy & rest assured.

    I knew the drawbacks of S.Indians, but for Northies i can point out atleast 100 Points elaborating how they’re inferior to whites.

    The world will be in the hands of whites & M**lim brothers.

    I detest dating a Northie Girl. F**k man!!! she started asking me you’re simple & at the same time too advanced in nature & mentality & eventually ending up with a weird question that ” will you be liking Indian Culture or western culture”.

    As far as Indians are concerned i would prefer any S.Indian girl ( colour doesn’t matter me – unbiased ) or a Chinki from the N.Eastern states of India ( they’re the one who’re well advanced & many ppl donno that!!!).

  20. Northies will say ” phish ( for fish ), philim ( for fim ), Phiting ( for fighting ) & can’t pronounce the word ” Flower ” properly .

    I’ve seen ( Northies ) them a lot both with in & outside india that Northies trying to eat Dosa with spoon & fork in the start & in the middle licking the foodstuff by using hands . Looked weird Mate!!!. Northies are the biggest copy cat’s of the west. Watch the website ”“.You will realize how ignorant the Northies are ( in films ).

    For every Northie south of the Vindhyas is Madras & they speak ” tamil or madrasi…………….ignorant Northies………….LoL….:).

    95% of all the illegal immigrants in the western countires are Northies ( they’re good at this it seems ).

  21. guys, luk at this
    what have you made of yourself….


    luk what LAKS has 2 say abt us….isnt it a shame on us
    guys, cant we just patch up n call ourself INDIAN….
    can’t we just, for a moment throw our attitute and think of india as a whole?

    remember, you are what you are at present just because of your qualities and values provided by your INDIAN PARENTS, being a *NORTHIE* or *SOUTHIE* doesnt qualify you for your current job

    all you guys, claiming to be in PHARMA,CHICAGO,INFY etc etc… u think such talks suit your personality??
    this is the reason why MY INDIA(yes its mine, you all dont suit to be called its citizens) cant progress. no matter how hard WE INDIANS try

    and for those who claim to be educated enough, i take this opportunity to remind you what you must have repeated like hundred times

  22. @LAKS, i dont blame you mate…. u have been making so rude and nasty comments on MY INDIA AND INDIANS.

    had we all been united and had some love for our country….all would have come up together n smacked ur face like thousand times against your own WALL(street)

    first save your country n then try to comment on ours…

    GUYS, where are you all??????
    stop fiting amongst yourself and lets teach this idiot LAKS some lesson

  23. @Indian ,

    What Mr.LAKS said is absolutely true about indians. Indians fight like street dogs with in themselves on ridiculous stuff.

    first…Lick our asses ………… gonna need to learn a lot from us ( Westerners ) ar*sehole.

  24. @Indian,

    Dare not to comment on the WALL(street), you donno know the significance, u scumbag……………………..

    It doesn’t make any difference b/w one indian to the other for us, while it does matter to you……..Jerk Off…………..:)

    I hate to agree we don’t get a hamburger in ur malls with dingy ppl & restaurents even in the Indianized ( LOL…..:) Mcdonalds ( u better change it’s name ).

    Agree the fact & i don’t see any gut’s in ur balls for it.

  25. The British did not invent Divide and Rule policy. We Indians had it in us already, the British just exploited it.It’s so evident here how…!!

    To all the North Indians and South Indians there is a huge divide among us. But then within south Indians and within North Indians there are so many more divides.States, Dalit-NonDalit,Hindu-Muslim,Kaveri, Telangana, Naxalites there are so many. How many pieces of our should be done in order to satisfy every group’s needs. Even if it is done still there would be some so called leader who will find some way to divide and rule.

    It’s never gonna end.If we all so intelligent and wise ,can we show some wisdom by UNITING?? Is this so hard?

    All you people are sitting out of India in countries like US living a comfortable life.So you can say a lot of things like that.Has anything thought how India can actually progress so that escapists like you don’t fight like that infront of foreigners? Where does all of you NIs and SIs intelligence and smartness go when it comes to do something about India?

    Things are hopeless and I know nothing is gonna change. Ravikiran you should contest an election in India. You are brilliant..!

  26. @am
    thats what the problem is…we people think we cant change anything.i am doing my bit why why cant we all.
    due to this very reason these so called westerners come and comment like this and we just laugh our a*s off.

    we can surely make a dent mate….
    if u think nothing can be done,tell me what have u done on ur part to improve d conditions???

  27. @terminator,
    the way u react…seems like uve lost so much while i hit LAKS against the wall(street)…go save ur money mate

    man,all westerners aint like that(atleast i never saw any one like that during my 2 years at harvard)….n u dont know anything but to abuse..dumb soul
    get a life

    regarding how much wall street is important.. i hold a lotsa respect for that(been there for 3 years)

  28. @am
    i left my cozy job @ US 2 years before, just to come back to india and join an indian co.
    so u cant say me escapist….i see a lot of hate in u for india friend.
    regarding improvement….lets start it now, lets u n me combine for the pursuit of uniting people on this blog

    u game?

  29. and before u start, let me re-iterate i again….i left US not because of my personal reasons..but i wanted to payback to my motherland…

  30. OH ! God .. I cant help , but i am beginning to love this .
    A south indian is no better than a north indian and vice versa . I have seen that most of the HR and ADmins in MNC companies happen to be north indian girls . I was always left wondering after I attended an interview wether these girls got jobs because of their prowess /talent in bed .
    Fuck those bitches never knew anything . Most of them cant write a decent letter ,but they are fucking good at SMS.
    And most of the north indian bitches wear brasseries with pads ,I always have had problems with that ,they always leave it to the imagination of the on looker and passers by ..LOL .

    Why do they have to lie about simple things like their figure ?hmmmmzzzz

  31. @Indian

    Infact i heard that indians like you fight among themselves on some frivolous/ dirty crap. For exp… Caste, religion etc.; why don’t u get a life & unite them all. But here in this context i feel you need a lot of brainwash. We receive the largest amt’s of immigrants.

    Better take some training to others, epecially you need to introspect further Currymuncher!……………..:-)

  32. Mr Terminator2089..! I’m sure you have an IQ which is equal to the second digit in ur last name 2089…!! This is wat u really are :- lazy, obese,ignorant,dumb American.
    Go and buy some drugs and get high or open fire at some high school kids…! wtf are you doing here. This is a matter totally internal to Indians.Some mother fuckers SIs and NIs who lick ur asses are allowing you here.

    ALL SIs and NIs (INDIANS) throw this jackass out..! continue to fight among urselves if you really want but dont let a nigger or a gora tell us things like that..!

  33. Orion,

    So many Gultis are dying everyday in the USA

    Rediff headlines

    What is the reason ??

    Is this a death racket satarted by some North Indian who has too much hatred for the Gultis in USA

    Pls reply

  34. When is the next partition of India awaited ?

    Looking at the venom that is displayed on this forum, I must say partition is better than staying together and fighting like Cats and Dogs

  35. @Romesh

    Will partition solve anything? Did 1947 solve anything?
    Ok lets divide North and South in two dffrnt nations.
    I am dead sure that it will just be a matter of time when Karnataka and Tamilnadu start fighting over Kaveri issue. Divide them too?? and then some mayawati is gonna form a separate dalit state in North India. Divide them too?

    Let them fight my brother. We Indians are pwer hungry dogs all of us wanna lead and rule thats why so many divisions of caste,race,south Indian and north India. It can never end.

    Dude really nothing’s gonna happen to this country. Yes I can try like you do. But that will just be to satisfy your own personal intellectual, spiritual or humane desires.There is no practical use. A mass movement is required for arising any kind of awareness. Ravikiran and people like him wont let that happen too.

    Is there any law or act under which Ravikiran can be sued?

  36. I think SIs will call Mumbai as a North Indian city. Now its burning..! Are you happy?
    NIs (mainly BJP supporters) you must be happy as well when Modi makes those statements.

  37. Dear Indian Brothers,

    Pls stop fighting now

    What has happened in Mumbai is a matter of great loss for each citizen of India, no matter where he is located across the globe

    No South Indians , No North Indians, No Muslims, No Hindus, No dalits, No brahmins, No Marwari, No Sindhi

    Lets stop this forum here and remove all ill feelings that we Indians carry for each other

    The time has come to show all this hatred and enmity towards Pakistan and its militant outfits who are encashing on our mutual dis-respect and lack of Unity

    I request everyone to stop spewing venom and unite in the battle for saving India from further attacks

    Its unbearable loss for every INDIAN across the globe

    So stop being power hungry and too much arrogant

  38. Are bhaiyaa kaahe angreji ki ma bahen ek kar rahe ho?

    Jyada takleef ho rahi he to Hindi me baat karo na bhaai…! ! ! aakhirkaar Hindi hi to apni raastrabhasha he…!!!

    I meant after all Hindi is our national language. If you have probs. and doubts in/with english then use “Hindi”.

  39. The real heroes who sacrificied their lives for the nation were the NSG commandos.

    NSG had Marathis, South Indians, North Indians and all over

    Nonetheless, the NSG officers are the undisputed heroes and if they also had these ill feelings amongst themselves they wud have turned coward like raj thackery

    Where is that fucking arse Raj thackery ? Why is he not able to save Mumbai from Outsiders(PAK Terrorists) now

    Why did’nt Salman or Hrithik join the battle ? Where was Chirnajeevi or Rajnikant during these operations ??

    And people are fighting for petty regionalism ( be it North Indians or south Indians)

    @Laloo, hindi is our India’s most widely spoken language
    but it is not the National Language
    If major Sandeep Unnikrishnan cud not speak in Hindi, does that make him less Indian ??

  40. Hi all,

    Hindi is one of the sweetest languages of india. Being from S.India, i don’t look at it as an alien / aryan language that most of the South indians would perceive. Besides i find the other S.Indian languages sounding like some stones thrown at a wall & are harsh. Even for a North Indian there is no use in learning any of the S.Indian languages. You can have a regional feeling / sentiment but your’e just treated like a frog in the well.

    Facts: Even North Indian states have their own languages like bhojpuri, gujarathi, punjabi, bengali & the best thing that binds all the N.Indian’s is Hindi. While, though S.India might have various languages but they don’t have a unifying language like Hindi ( successful language i call it!!!) . guess the S.Indian ppl might feel using English instead, but english has it’s origins from latin which is an alien language.

    My Suggestion to S.Indians:

    1) Don’t develop hatred towards hindi as it’s an aryan language. It’s most comfortable to speak other than English to me ( i’m from S.I )

    2) what Mr.Lalooji said is absolutely true. English & Hindi are the offical languages of india & hindi is the national language.

    3) S.Indian languages are harsh & very difficult to learn for any N.Indian infact for even foreigners ( though i’m from S.India but not a typical set like S.Indians )

  41. @romesh,

    Salman or Hrithik are busy with the bollywood chicks!!! Chirnajeevi is old enough that he can’t be in the battle other than on the silver screen ( LoL ………….:-).

    The most handsome guy from india Rajnikant ( Lol ……..:) is busy in using both ” fair & lovely ” & also ” fair ever” as he want’s to replicate michael jackson & enter into hollywood.
    Rajnikanth has sent me a mail stating that he wants to give a tough competition to ” Brad Pitt ( he’s jealous of his 6 packs ) & want’s to win angelina ( yummy n cruncy bro! ).

  42. Well those actors are having fun their own way and we are having fun our own way. This is what privileged Indians do. We have privilege of resources that we can use for our entertainment whereas more than 60% of Indian population can hardly manage a meal a day.

    Nothing is going to happen in India. Go n read some history guys. Our system as designed by congress during 1950s is mistake-proof in the sense that politicians just can not be challenged once they have power. There is no mechanism of a call back.

  43. I’m a Bengali and let me make an honest confession. I really dislike Northie culture and Northie “groups”. I get along pretty well with everyone-Gujjus, Maharastrians, South Indians but these Hindi-speakers simply grate on my nerves. I hate the way they try to impose their views on me; their incessant mouth-organs and their narrow-minded, bigoted opinions. Now, again, to be fair, not all Northies would be put in that category by me. For example, I’ve met plenty of decent Northies from UP, Bihar and MP who seem reasonable and easy to get along with. But, the ones from Rajasthan, J&K, Haryana, Delhi and Punjab -each and every one I met from these states turns out to be an asshole. I mean I’ve tried but it’s simply impossible to get along with these people. They have no conception of personal space, privacy and they always speak in jeers and taunts -they don’t know how to talk normally.

    I normally wouldn’t write such stuff because I know it’s still wrong to judge people based on where they’re from. But, today I’m just venting because I’m really pissed off of a few Northies at my workplace. I want to kick them in the mouth. Or, slap one of them so hard they fall to the floor.

    Rant over.

  44. wtf!!!!!!!! why ppl here wastin time nd fightin on n.i vs s.i,,,,why???? benchmarkin on english?? wtf have english to do with n.i or s.i?? wat difference does it make if
    s.i says “simbly great” or
    n.i says “bhery gud”
    act as a good citizen,,

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