Attention North Indians

Please stop using “would” when you mean “will”. For example, you shouldn’t say. “I would be coming for dinner” when you mean “I will be coming for dinner”
Thank you.

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  1. hahahahaha…! Accepting the facts..!!! LMAO…! so you never commented on the fact that all u sothie niggas
    have 2 inch dicks..!! hahaha…!! well again u never read even 50% of this thred…! I do accept your so called facts..! but those facts are exceptions..! there are more number of successful north Indians than your so called south Indian brainies..!!thats a fact..! not only in India but all over the world..!!! look at Mittal-Arcelor, see the story of Tatas aquiring Jag and all..!! cmon’ man..!! for how long will you guys just remain in your fool’s paradise..! you cant even read the whole thread and know the facts..! how can you claim to me (yes the BIYATCH) about you being superior..! and you are talking about being civilized..! I dnt want ppl to be calling names of course you asshole..! I just pointed out that calling names is pathetic and you southies are pathetic even in being pathetic (if u know wat I mean by that, use ur superior brain power)

  2. Hello all,

    This is Kevin from Dallas, Texas. I had the opportunity to go through all of this thread, almost read everything (was killing time) and I was shaken after reading all that.I had heard about this thing, about so much diversity in India, so many languages, so many cultures.But I never knew that the Indians vary in their races as well. To me they were all one race , just varying in their cultures and skin tones. But I got to know that there are so many races in India too. Plus I used to think that only Germans called themselves Aryans. But there seem to be Aryans in India too.
    I have some Indian friends both from North and the South. I have liked to be friends to them always. I have loved almost everything that is Indian. But I am really disgusted at what all has been written in this thread by all of you South and North Indians.After reading this thread I searched for some information on India and read about the history and culture. Read that the northern parts, especially Punjab region were frequent attractions for Muslim invaders who used to rob it off its wealth and I read that South was being ruled by Dravidian kings and one Muslim ruler Tipu Sultan also ruled some parts.What I dont understand is that why is the North-South divide so big. If a North Indian comes upto me and tries to explain that south Indians are dark and ugly and a south Indian comes upto me and tries to tell that North Indians are assholes I would say to both of them to just shut the fuck up…!! I believe that your country is a great nation and the reason you guys have to come to a country like the US is precisely this that you guys hate each other so much that you cant really think of the growth of your own country in positive terms. I would urge you guys to stop maligning each other like this and work together for the progress of your great country India.

    Thank you.

  3. Kevin Chester, I have no idea of your origin. But I know for sure that we do not need your advise in working towards progress of India. India has progressed and will keep progressing, irrespective of your stupid advice. There is discord between ppl of different regions in all countries, and its the same with India too. But when it comes to the point that outsiders start intervening, then India is a country which, despite of all the diversities, comes together, united. This thread is a source of entertainment, we tease people of other states with the peculiar things they do, does not mean that we are really maligning each other. And your understanding that Indians come the US because they cant grow in their home country is absolutely a trash theory. You sound like an absolute dumbass here, the kind found gallore on the streets of US, who do not have any idea about a thing in the world but are the first to start preaching.
    So dont poke your dirty nose anywhere and everywhere, especially where you are not welcome. Have a good day 😀

  4. Yes i absolutely agree that American dumbs doesn’t know anything except bollywood, Chicken Tikka Masala , Paneer & Naan.

    @Kevin Chester,

    Try to know about Rajinikanth, Mammotyy, Mohanlal, Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi then you will be called a shrewd american…………..True………:)

  5. I relish Chicken Tikka Masala & Tandoori Chicken & i know they’re Punjabi dishes & Yummy………

    Hate panner though as i’m pure Non Veg.

    @Kevin Chester,

    Your’e a dumb ass. You don’t even know what is India first of all. Weird to find that even foreigners ( Gora ) like you are on these forums. LMAO………

    Shut the fuck Off……….

  6. Kevin is right. Annada Fools.

    Romba Rascala.

    Romba Nalla Eruka.

    Your’s lovingly,
    Azhagai Tamil Magan

  7. @shakeela. 1st of all im not a southie. nt evn indian. im a new yorker ok? bt any way hu ever sed southies were superioir to northies? and tell me is it statistically proven that all southies have 2 inch dicks or somthing? hw do u know anyway? u must have seen it. probbly cant resist it haha

  8. Gultis and in general south indians are not only ugly pig looking but also cheap coward lungi clad tribal men/women. Some gultis are so fucking annoying and ugly that they can put a black african to shame. And they do all the H1 Visa scandals. If the educasted and trained elite of Andhra pradesh comes to USA for opportunities it makes sense. But if every other street dog of Hyder-chuda-baad is in America, then there is seriously something wrong. Thank God US is on alert since 2007. They have revised and enforced strict rules for obtaining H1 visa. The studenst who get a Masters degree in US are the first ones that shud get H1 visa and then the Indian IT companies shud get the chance.. But eating up the whole pie, the guilty GUTI pigs have also marred the chances for elite of other nations to make a living in the United States. If every other street dog of andhra pradesh keep migrating to the US, then I m damn sure there will be a big problem for america in the future. After all AMerica is not meant to serve as a second home or a garden to the Gulti Chutiyaas.

  9. Few words for Gultis…….

    Hey you all Southie people who are still so ignorant about their ruling leaders in andhra-bra-desh that one leader is killing another leader for land. And about shankaracharya fucking his own servant. Maximum gays are from south(read Survey magzine). Maximum whores in south. You can buy each and every GULTI with a handful of money and this is already known to everyone that in top 10 of richest cities 4 are in north. So we can buy you anytime assholes, run with your so called lungis and dont forget to wear the underwear. just check your undergarments, it has a brand label of northie company. hahahaha

    You dont have anything of yourself.

    Dont forget to use condom before fucking your wife or sister or mother.

    ingalolo chingalolo—-jake apna muuh dho lo….


    Hamari to peeli ati hai……



    OHH GOD they have temples of rajnikanth jayalallita……………


  10. HOUSTON: Four Indian-Americans have been named among the world’s top 35 young high-tech innovators by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) prestigious Technology Review magazine.

    Anita Goel of Nanobiosym, Narasimha Chari of Tropos Networks, Rajit Manohar of Cornell University, and Shiladitya Sengupta of Harvard Medical School—all aged below 35—have been named top high-tech innovators for “exemplifying the spirit of contemporary technology leading to a road map to what’s hot in emerging technology’’. Goel, a physicist as well as a physician and also the founder and CEO of Nanobiosym was named top young innovator for developing nanotech devices that could identify viruses and bacteria in blood samples more rapidly, accurately and cheaply than existing techniques.

    Chari was selected for setting the wireless mesh networking standard. He created elegant algorithms that tailored mesh networking, once a province of the military, for routine civillian communication.

  11. @zoe
    I am sure if not the southies you definitely have a 2 inch dick..!! hehehe.. and fuck off from here. We will sort out our matters on our own. No outsiders invited ok.!!!
    Fuck off Kevin Chester and Zoe.

  12. @zoe
    the best example of how a southie nigga bastard retreats (even in war of words). now u r not even an Indian anymore..!! tch..tch..tch… scared now…!!!??? ( I am from New York..ha ha ha ha ha… u landed straight to New York from ur motherfuckin Gultland)

    what a pathetic display of FACTS ,”statistically proven that southie niggas have superior brain power…hahaha LMAO..but then I am not even an Indian..I am FROM NEWYORK” …ha ha ha ha ha ha..!!, so FROM NEWYOK (both words together) is a nationality now??? Is it another example of statistically proven brain power of urs???

  13. oh you mean “From New York” ?? he he he..! of course your sentiments are hurt when your motherland’s name is wrongly spelled..!

    What about Hyder-Chuda-Bad?? Now I am damn sure thats not a typo..! ha ha ha..!

  14. Vikas, (the one who has commented third or fourth from the top) is a fucking bastard, his mother must have been fucked by one of the brits or americans so he has developed hatred. Brown bastard vikas first learn proper english you ass wipe. Besides that try to learn something good from the west you piece of pickle shit.

  15. Johnny English…!!!! wow…! You name suggests the kind of hatred you just mentioned..! hahahaha…!! so who was it? you mum or someone else up your bastard lineage???

  16. well,i just came across thing “masterpiece” ,first of all i am an indian and since last 3 yrs in IT ,i have been to pune,blore,chenai,and now in gr8test of all HYD

    i ll rate hyd at no 4 coz of following reaons

    1. i dont no telugu but ppl in my group insist on speaking it in front of me ,they never make an effor to include me in talks,i find it childish i never faced this pro in blore,chenai,

    2, no hindi FM channels,i am getting so bored here,in fact bored is a soft word ,all the while they all playing telugu songs ,i respect each languauge but will it hurt if they once in a while play hindi songs ,even in chenai they play hindi songs

    3. no good food ,eveywhere they put leaves in evey food,its really strange ,how can u put leaves in dal:)

    and ppl here are so funny ,once in while during my last 2 months here ,we were talking in english (i dont no how),one guy told me “no body can beat mahesh babu” i dont no who is this guy but he told me he is a world famous actor 🙂
    i am still confused whether to laugh or cry

    i mean its too much

    but still i love hhhhhyderabad biryani :)(the best thing invented siince wheel for the mankind)

  17. Of course mahhhheshhhh baaaaaboooooooo is the bestest actor of the world, hollywood is begging him to come to LA, they have many scripts ready for roles only he cant do justice to…. 😀
    which world do u live in? u dont know mahhhheshhhh baaaaaboooooooo???? SHAME!

  18. sry orion bhai for my ignorance,i finally got to c the magic mahesha babua ,

    there was a news report in cnn that angie(angliena jolie) tore off here clothers after seeing the pic of maheshaa babuaa ,brad(shame on him too ,even he didint no who has this guy) promised to take her to him but our hero has already booked for salma as in salma hayek and nicole has already called him

    i have heard that it was maheshaaaa babuaaa who gave the idea of pather panchali to satyajit ray and he rejected the oscar life time award ,only after that it was given to ray

    have to go to some office meeting now ,the only time i get to hear some english (though with extra aaaaaaaa) in my hear apart from the usual rendu,mendu,pendu stuff

    sry again,ll post some time later on babuaaaaaaaa greateness

  19. Ravi, I would only come for dinner if I liked what was on the menu. Offer me broiled infant (North/ South. East/ West) and I will come for dinner!

  20. why did you north indians every get out of your trucks and tractors? you should have stayed inside smelling of lassun and pyaaz and ganna and sun dried sweat and mud. somebody should just rope you all into a perimeter of 1000 volt electric fence, throw in the world’s buffalo population and grow all the planet’s food in there. that’s what you guys are good for. who let you out? who let the bloody northies out?

  21. It is so enlightening to see everyone fighting their wits off. Bunch of losers and nothing else. None of you have the right to even call yourselves an Indian. Anonymity is a gift of the Internet and be used fairly.

    Having seen the hatred so rampant on this forum I cannot help but feel bad that even assols get the right to free speech. People on this forum don’t even know the difference between madrasis and gultis, what a pity. I wonder where all this hatred comes from. How can you go back home and look you mother in the eye with dignity. How do you even pretend that you are a sensible human being in front of your friends and family when in anonymity you act like the worst assols ever to be born of a woman.

    You fucking pricks, you don’t deserve free speech nor do you deserve to speak out in public forums. Don’t you understand that it is diversity that makes India and each and every prick on this forum has benefited because of that diversity. If you cannot appreciate this you don’t deserve shit.

    Go back and read all the nonsense said on this forum. Then, go back home and think about it – you fucking pricks, you deserve nothing you have earned in your life if you don’t feel guilty about what you said on the forum.

    go back to living your useless lives, spent in hatred of others, intolerance and bigotry. Maybe we will all be better of that way.

  22. orion,

    you assol. have you tried reading your posts. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself. Do you eat food ?

    What is wrong with you? If someone reads this forum they end it with utter disgrace because of your posts. How do you lead a normal life – you piece of nonsense.

    Don’t resort to calling my mother and all the women in my life names. Because, it only reflects on you and not on me.

    I want you to do something – think of someone who holds you in high regard, maybe your dad, or your kid and try reading them the nonsense you have written here. That will serve you well. Maybe you will start behaving like a normal human being then. When people who love and respect you get to know what crap you are, then you will know your rightful place on this earth.

  23. The difference between ‘will’ and ‘would’ is that ‘would’ indicates conditionality, or possibly indecision. And north Indians- not known for their incisive logic – think that indecision is tantamount to hesitation – therefore self effacement – and therefore politeness.
    And being the sycophantic bootlickers that they are – they think they ought to be polite and self effacing – especially while using active speech because they probably equate it to sort of aggression, again because they are not brightest crayons in the box. Hence, they are wont to say, “A visit will be paid by me” or “I would be paying you a visit”, rather than, “I will pay you a visit”. Its like saying “ Main aapke ghar aana chaahunga” or “ Your ever humble, toady, ass-licking, loyal slave would like to pay you a visit if your highness would allow such an unforgivable transgression of propriety”.
    To put it simply, that particular usage of ‘would’ arises from the simultaneous lack of intelligence and self respect in this species of douche bags.

  24. Northies give southies employment, northies rule the country. Refer to reddy’s post above for some fact and analysis 😀

    anon asshole, first go and learn how to spell then post here. When you learn that, come back and read ALL of my posts again, AND AGAIN and think, then you’ll realize the fact that whatever I wrote about all fucking bloody pig shit eating southies is more than 100% correct, especially about gulti telugu magdu cheppandi chhaap ppl.

    KHH KHHEEEE EEHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA now go die somewhere 😀

  25. All,

    Just the fact that Everyone is talking about North-South is a pride for the south states.

    Four states taking head on with rest of 24 states of North itself is a suggestion that South is advanced.

    BPO and IT and ITeS has given the indian economy a new push. This push is still being given by Bangalore / Hyderabad / Chennai. The only place North has this exposure is the NCR region.

    You guys know better. How many of those jobs belong to southies.. A lot.. a freaking lot.

    A Gujju, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Bong happily talk away in Hindi and probably argue about their respective states being best. They have absolutely nothing in common except Hindi (not even the cuisine or dressing)

    The moment any south indian comes into the group, the picture changes. All of them surprisingly unite and talk about north versus south.. How come suddenly this difference came.. Why dont we still fight about states? —-its all about language fellas.—-

    Ooooh this difference is also present in south states as 4 of them have very different languages.

    Some lame fellow who dont know his own mother tongue properly started teaching someone else language skills. All rest of the gang followed. I dont say its pathetic to discuss, It is god damn pathetic to fight like enemies. We are of the same country fellas..

    Someone who have not had ‘makki da roti’, ‘dhokla’, ‘tandoori chicken’, ‘khakra’, ‘pani puri’ knows nothing about North cuisine. Yummmm.. cant stop mouth watering.

    Someone who didnt have “mangalore fish curry”, “mirchi bajji”, ‘Hyderabad Biryani’, “kerala parata with fish curry’, ‘chettinad dosa’ knows nothing about south cuisine.

    Who generalize that North is full or pan eaters and white-skinned, roti dal eaters dont know nothing about the contributions of Ambanis or Tatas to business and economy and who think sardarjis are dumb, look at our PM’s resume and shut the hell up. Anyone havent tried half of that ever.

    Who generalize that south only eats dosa, sambar means that they dont even recognize 4 states after 60 years of independance. lame egoists. I expect you to do better than this. And before generalizing south as lungi tying, regional language yapping fanatics, try to remember, Abdul Kalam, CB Naidu, Vishy Anand.

    By the way dudes. Happy Independance Day. Have a bright 62nd independant year.

    No pun intended here but dudes, lets accept on one thing. Intelligence may be claimed as someone’s right but stupidity is everyone’s ‘Janam siddh adhikaar’.

    Mera Bharat mahan (I hope no one disagrees on this one)

  26. At the end of the day all INDIANs are motherfuckers and slave dogs 🙂

    It amazes me to no extent to see these dirty INDIAN pigs fighting amongst themselves.

    No wonder your shit cow dung country was ruled by us and even now we rule.

    All INDIANs start salivating like dogs when they are told that they will be getting a chance to visit the West

    At the end of the day, INDIA is nothing but a slave, though not officially anymore.

    Your movies are copied from our movies.

    Your movie stars need our stars to look upto and become successful.

    You guys dont even have an inch of creativity except plagiarising our music.

    Shameless Dogs 🙂 Indians

    Pakistan blows up amny bombs in your country and still you stand like eununchs waiting for America (i.e my country) to come and help you

  27. Some bitter facts about India 🙂 🙂

    The details below on INDIA’S Nuclear Deal collected from IAEI website. The details give actual fact about deal.

    IAEA Press Release

    Press Releases

    Press Release 2008/08

    Draft India Safeguards Agreement Circulated to IAEA Board Members
    9 July 2008 | At the request of the Government of India, the IAEA Secretariat today circulated to Members of the IAEA Board of Governors for their consideration the draft of an Agreement with the Government of India for the Application of Safeguards to Civilian Nuclear Facilities.

    The Chairman of the Board is consulting with Board Members to agree on a date for a Board meeting when the Agreement would be considered.

    Note to editors: The text of the draft Agreement is not public.. IAEA Officials will not be giving interviews at this time.

    Press Contact
    Melissa Fleming
    Spokesperson and Head, Media and Outreach Section
    Division of Public Information
    [43-1] 2600-21273
    press at

    About the IAEA
    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) serves as the world’s foremost intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Established as an autonomous organization under the United Nations (UN) in 1957, the IAEA carries out programmes to maximize the useful contribution of nuclear technology to society while verifying its peaceful use.

    NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit the Press Section of the IAEA’s website (, or call the IAEA’s Division of Public Information at (431) 2600-21270.

    Ambiguity in India IAEA nuclear text raises concern
    Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:31am IST

    By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondent
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The draft nuclear safeguards pact India submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency on Wednesday contains ambiguities that must be clarified before the U.N. watchdog approves the deal, a leading expert said.

    The IAEA said the safeguards text, which India hammered out with IAEA inspectors early this year and is a key element in a landmark 2005 U.S.-Indian nuclear cooperation deal, had been sent to the agency’s 35-nation board in Vienna after the New Delhi government gave the green light.

    The draft, which was circulated by Washington-based think tanks, contained several points that “raise questions that board members need to get clarity on” because they would restrict international monitoring of India’s atomic programs, said Daryl Kimball of the Arms Control Association.

    He said a key red flag is raised by a clause in the draft that says India “may take corrective measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of its civilian nuclear reactors in the event of disruption of foreign fuel supplies.”

    Disruption of fuel supplies would happen only if India were to resume testing of nuclear weapons and that loophole would blunt any IAEA effort to keep that country’s civil nuclear power program from being used to augment its atomic arsenal.

    “Does that mean that India intends to withdraw from what are supposed to be permanent safeguards if it tests and other states decide to terminate fuel supplies?” asked Kimball.

    “If so, that is a big problem and the Indian government has not clarified what that means,” he said.


    India — one of just three nations outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — developed atomic bombs in secret and conducted a nuclear test in 1974, prompting the United States to ban sales of U.S. nuclear fuel and reactor technology.

    The draft, which in many respects resembles IAEA agreements with other countries, also omits a list of nuclear facilities that India has voluntarily agreed to place under IAEA safeguards, said Kimball, calling that “abnormal”.

    India’s motives were not clear, he said, but added that it appeared “they’re trying to preserve their options to put some reactors in or take some out” from IAEA scrutiny, depending on future bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements.

    In addition to getting IAEA governors’ approval, India must also obtain a waiver for the nuclear deal from the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group, where some members may resist the deal because NSG regulations ban trade with non-NPT states.

    Proponents of the U.S.-India accord say it will move the Asian giant’s trade and diplomatic relations closer to the West and more broadly promote an alternative to high-polluting and expensive oil and gas energy in developing nations.

    Critics say it will encourage nuclear proliferators and weaken the Western case against the nuclear ambitions of Iran or North Korea.

    Ashley Tellis of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a former Bush administration official and proponent of the deal, said fears of another Indian nuclear weapons test were theoretical and India had too much to risk by testing.

    “With the investments that they have made in this deal, the incentives not to test actually grow,” he said.

    “If India tests in the future, it will not be the first to test. It will test most likely in response to somebody else testing,” added Tellis.

  28. The recent outburst against Biharis was also a sign of insecurity feeling of the Marathis…

    Yes, we are insecure because like the Sindhis in Sindh, we fear becoming a minority in our own land. Between 1991-2001, the number of Hindi-speakers in MH has increased from 62 lakh to 1.1. crore! In other words, an increase 67 % in 10 years. Do the math, and you will see how abnormal this is. Idiot, try to understand issues first. This when the state’s population increased at 25 % and the Marathi speakers increased by 16 %. 16 % vs 67-reason enough for insecurity.

    Have you ever read a Marathi newspaper? Have you ever read a Marathi book? Do you even know Marathi? Don’t comment on what you don”t understand.

    That is why they shifted their cultural capital to Pune, which was backward a decade ago. The recent IT boom gave the city a good look and worth living place status…

    Firstly, we didn’t shift anything to Pune. It was ALWAYS the cultural capital. I am surer now that you are the usual non-Maharashtrian, ignorant and arrogant. Please brush up on your facts

    And backward? Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeze!! Pune was heaven to live, compared to your shitholes of Jaipur, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal,Gurgaon Coimbatore, Vizag, Durgapur, Agartala etc etc. It was also one of the biggest manufacturing centres in India. All this was way before any IT boom. Know the facts before writing anything you feel like. Pune was like New York compared to all these shitholes of northern and southern India (before the influx of of course)

    The bane lies with them and not with outsiders…

    Yah right. Please understand, MH people set up the first schools and universities in India. From 1971-2001, MH had the 2nd highest literacy rate after Kerala. Just read that again. Yes, 2nd highest after Kerala. We also had the highest number of higher education institutes and colleges in India in 1971. So much for the lack of education arguement.

    Companies just didn’t want Maharashtrians because they were Maharashtrians. Period. I’ve seen what the great non-Maharashtrian efficiency is both in this state and your own.

    Outsiders have a lot of contribution in the growth of MH GDP, yet these people are thankless and un-courteous to them

  29. Outsiders have a lot of contribution in the growth of MH GDP, yet these people are thankless and un-courteous to them….

    what contribution? Setting up pure vegeterian housing socities? Industries which pollute our air, our water and don’t provide any jobs to locals to boot? You call this a contribution?

    what contribution? Bihari, Bangladeshi, Oriya etc slums in Mumbai?! Overcrowding in Mumbai trains?!! Overcrowding in Mumbai’s buses?! Overcrowding Mumbai in general and making it a hellhole with your ceaseless never ending migration?

    what contribution? Changing the demography of the state? Reducing us to a minority in our capital city? Tearing down mills and replacing them with malls and bowling alleys? Making the crime rate spiral and not allowing us our right to a crime-free existence? Setting up slums, defecating on railway tracks and forcing us to kill ourselves just to get into the local trains?

    what contribution? Showing Maharashtrians as third-class people in your idiotic, brainless film industry?! Refusing to employ Maharashtrian teachers in schools which were set up on free land provided by the MH govt, keeping Maharashtrian students out and then getting government aid to pay teachers salaries?

    what contribution? Colonizing vast amounts of agricultural land, which were peaceful villages with natural beauty (especially in the Konkan) to convert them into steel and glass towers-which by your own
    admission by the way, don’t even employ locals?

    what contribution? Is it in the English print media, which pointedly ignores everything Maharashtrian in its coverage-books, plays, etc? Is it the Hindi electronic media, which is so racist that Aditi Ghorpade had to change her name to Aditi Pratap to hide her origins?

    what contribution? Is it the farmers being driven to suicide by Marwari money lenders? Is it the so-called hifi schools where we hardly find even 1 % Maharashtrians-all set up by the way on free land provided by MH? Is it the so-called posh schools, (Cathedral etc) where there hardly any Maharashtrian students?!

    what contribution? Setting up linguistic minority colleges with 50 % quota for your own people? Rascals, shout and scream about merit all day long and then yourself get LM quota! If you really think you can compete, first get red of LM quota and religious minority quota. THose who themselves go to LM colleges shouldn’t dare to talk about merit. In actual fact, there is hardly an institute by non-MH people which is not an LM people.

    That too in a city where LM has no meaning because Maharashtrians themselves are the minority!

    what contribution? A film industry where as you yourself admit, Maharashtrians find no headway? Ha ha, a corporate world where there hardly any Maharashtrians? Housing societies only for your own people? Schools with no Maharashtrians?

    what contribution? Like that even the British contributed greatly to India, in fact they contributed far more to India than what you guys have contributed here, far far more!!

    Get it into your head-you contributed nothing. The British contributed far more than you did in this country. We do not want or need your contribution.

  30. Try to understand,The unpalatable truth is that the locals of other states have not shown either the capacity or capability to build new institutions or even the slightest vision to improve their existing institutions. All they have done is to rename the existing institutions. Mumbai survives today because it was run by the local manooses and not by any other community. This is why cities with much smaller and very little influx (compared to Mumbai) populations like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai have all but collapsed. Bangalore struggles to build a flyover on time, Chennai struggles to provide even drinking water and decent public transport and Hyderabad proves incapable of building a 11 km road to an airport. That Mumbai survives today, is because the local manooses were managing it. The rest of India has failed spectacularly in managing cities which have much smaller populations and much smaller influx. This is the truth, whether you like it or not.

    Howsoever inefficient the locals of Mumbai might be, compared to the locals of other Indian cities they are models of efficiency and hard work. That’s why, even after 60 years of independence, the locals of other states have proven incapable of overtaking either Mumbai or Maharashtra. This is the the harsh reality. That is why all the efforts to make Ahmedabad and Chennai and Hyderabad and Bangalore an alternative business hub to Mumbai have failed miserably. All that the local manoos of other states wants to do is to board a train to Mumbai and then pointificate about his contribution to Mumbai and Maharashtra. That’s why, even today Mumbai gets more in-migrants from other states than Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata all combined. Even for college education, outstate students vastly prefer Pune to Chennai and Hyderabad and Bangalore. In one point I agree with you: Delhi’s infrastructure keeps improving. The reason for this is because of the vast amount of funds poured into Delhi by the central government. Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones. In much the same way, other Indian cities can hardly criticize Mumbai for inefficiency or slothfullness.

    Be grateful that Marathis were running Mumbai, had any of you been running it (Patels, Iyers, Raos etc) Mumbai would have been a Rawanda or Burundi. You guys spectacularly failed in your own pidly little cities-go clean up the shit on your own streets before commenting on us!

  31. That’s what really cracks me up about you guys. You come from these junglee places. You come to know what civilization means when you come to MH. MH feeds you, clothes you, educates you and makes something out of you. Otherwise you’d be stuck in your shitholes back home. After all that, you’re so damn ungrateful to the place where you came to know what civilzed life means! Its like Bangladeshis criticizing India!

    If you don’t like MH, you are free to leave and go back to whichever utopias you came from in the first place. Don’t criticize MH-we don’t need or want your criticism-just put your money where your money and move your ass back to the hellhole you came from.

    In continuation…
    Bombay, even though MH capital, is ruled by non-marathis ever since independence….

    At least you admit it. Face it, you’re occuping our water, our land and other resources and royally raping it in fact. You’re plundering the state. You yourself admit that Maharashtrians are getting no benefit out of it. If that is indeed the case, what’s wrong with shutting down those industries and moving them out? industries that have been set up in MH, to provide jobs to locals, in return for tax concessions, free land, water, power etc, didn’t fulfill their duty?

    See, we give all the goodies to these companies for one purpose: jobs for locals. If companies don’t fulfill that purpose, than they are of NO BENEFIT. NIL. So why did we bring them here in the first place?

  32. What I am surprised about is how willing you are to admit that Maharashtrians are deriving no benefit.

    Admitting that these are just occuping our land without giving us anything in return. Occupying our land, abusing our natural resources, polluting our air and water. We are bearing the brunt of this so-called development. In return we get nothing-by your admission, not mine.

    If this isn’t internal colonization, what is it?

    DO you mean to say, with a straight face, that internal colonization=development? Is the internal colonization of Maharashtra, demographic change, unrestricted influx, spiralling crime, growing slums, hawker menace, impossibly expensive land, linguistic marginalization, reducing Maharashtrians to a minority in their own capital, collapsing infrastructure under the weight of all 33 lakh migrants, killer local trains, overcrowded buses, making flats unaffordable for middle-class people, denying them jobs in every sector and at every level on some flimsy grounds or the other, driving them into unemployment and poverty…and you have the gall to say you have developed the state?!!

    Internal colonization of Maharashtra does not count as development.

    Only one thing and one thing alone counts as development-the development of the Marathi speaking people. That’s what really matters.

  33. Non-Maharashtrians have insulted Maharashtrians on each of these fronts. Hindi Films predominently controlled by people of Hindi origin are in the fore-front in this respect. Goondas, VILLANS portrayed in most of the Hindi films get to be invariably named some Maharashtrian name or the other. Commedians and GOONDAs in all Hindi films speak Marathi accented Hindi. In the 48 years of the history of the state the companies have not found any Maharashtrian fit enough to be the CEO!! There are not more than 7-8 % principals in the top 200 schools who are Maharashtrian!

    Eighty to NINTY percent of employees in RBI,LIC, VSNL, Railways, MTNL and other such p.s. companies and private companies who are non-Maharashtrian. This, despite the literacy levels, number of schools, higher education institutes, engineering colleges being the second highest or highest in India! So many educated people and yet this discrimination. Even primary school enrollment in 1971 in absolute numbers was highest in Maharashtra-check HRD ministry data.

    Non-Maharashtrian ‘gentleman’ get the benefit of these jobs and as a result drive up the price of land, making it difficult for locals to buy land or property. These industries cause water shortages for farmers because water has to be allocated to industries. Housewives have to get up earlier than normal just to get water. Power shortages are caused and people in remote areas have to sacrifice just because some non-Maharashtrian industries needs power to feed their non-Marathi employees! Their children then go to the best schools and pay huge donations in the engineering and medial colleges and then get recruited by these very same companies. We bear the brunt of priority allocation of power, water, land and other such resources,-all so that they can use our land to feed their non-Marathi employees and reduce us to second-class citizens in our land-all this in the name of “development”!!

    We bear all the pollution while they enjoy the jobs, the colleges, the schools, this is ensured that it stays perpetually this way by systematically not recruting Maharashtrians. Don’t kid me by saying merit, India is too inefficient a country for anyone to belive that merit alone is the criteria for jobs.

    So Mr. Rao, Orion etc its not question of emotions, its a question of SELF-RESPECT. Just because the British had developed infrastructure, schools, roads, railways etc, gave good educational system, have we allowed them to rule us?

    Self-respect is more imp than your “development”. Keep that in mind: it is self-respect, not your internal colonization alias contributing to GDP, which matters.

    First show how Maharashtrians have benefitted-then talk.

  34. !Towards an understanding of the root causes of the problems of Maharashtra
    -Vikas P. Joshi

    A lack of inclusiveness and lack of clarity on what exactly development constitutes, is only a part of the problem. Inequitable and exclusive growth is after all a national problem. But in Maharashtra, it was exacerbated by the alienation of the overwhelming majority from their own state. This alienation has happened on all fronts; cultural, social, economic and to a much lesser extent political. 48 years ago, the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement hoped that they would see the “Maharashtranization” of Bombay. What has actually happened is the “Bombayization” of Maharashtra. It is necessary to look at the causes of this.
    Part of the problem is the Hindi film industry, which though based in Mumbai, makes no bones about its cheerful but nonetheless cruel contempt for Maharashtrians and Marathi. Each Bollywood film always tirelessly repeats the same scene; the hero and heroine and all fashionable, successful characters are non-Maharashtrians, the constable, the goon, the goof, the villain and the maid servant are Maharashtrians. For decades, the only Maharashtrian characters were maid-servants and constables.
    Hindi films never depict Maharashtrians in a normal light nor are they ever shown as normal people. The Maharashtrian character is always the butt of jokes. I have never seen a character identified on-screen as a Maharashtrian ever becoming a hero or heroine. Even the Maharashtrian heroines (from Chitnis to Tanuja Samarth to Dikshit) had to play north Indians to become famous and learn to speak Hindi the way north Indians do. The male Maharashtrian actors always had to play the goofs, the goons’ villains and comedians.

    The Hindi film industry is responsible more than anyone else for this humiliating portrayal of Maharashtrians. They gave legitimacy and sanctity to the idea that it was in the fitness of things that Maharashtrians be marginalized. It is only natural that Maharashtrians play second fiddle, the Hindi movies suggest, this is how it is supposed to be. This is the constant message being beamed: Maharashtrians are stupid; Maharashtrians are inept, are clumsy, are corrupt, are lazy, are rustic boors and aren’t fit for any important jobs. Each Hindi film continues to reiterate this message. A feeling that it is in the fitness that of things that Maharashtrians always be on the fringes has entered the Maharashtrian psyche.
    The worst part of it is that many Maharashtrians seem to relish and enjoy this portrayal of their community on-screen. This makes it even sadder. The Hindi film industry has extinguished the possibility of Maharashtra evolving into its own unique self. Maharashtrians have no way of knowing themselves other than through illusory images manufactured by the north Indian-dominated film industry. The average middle-class Maharashtrian youth growing up has no reference points other than the North Indian film industry. This is as much true of Maharashtra itself; culturally deprived and without any reference points or way of knowing itself.
    Part of the problem also is that the CBSE and ICSE history books make virtually no mention of the achievements of the Maratha Empire or Maratha history. Maratha history and the Maratha Empire get short shrift in India’s central school textbooks. An empire bigger than the Mughal Empire at its peak is almost totally ignored; a child being educated in such schools will only have the haziest (if at all) idea of the achievements of the Maratha empire. Indeed, Nehru called Shivaji a “communalist.”
    The English press is also a part of the problem, with its unabashed ignoral of issues and events related to Maharashtrians. The English print and electronic media is very openly a mouth-piece of the Non-Maharashtrians. Even letters explaining why Maharashtrians feel as they do are not printed. But every letter complaining about some ineffiency or otherwise,preferably of some institution run by Maharashtrians is printed without fail. Queries as to why as they don’t cover cultural activities in Marathi (theatre, drama, poetry, etc) are met with a stock response: ‘We cover what is of interest to our readers.” The same newspapers give much space to Onam Sadhya celebrations, which is presumably of huge interest to their readers.
    In the recent violence in Mumbai, one solitary shot of a taxi windshield being broken by a brick was shown again and again for days together. The intention was crystal clear. The same media pointedly ignores hundreds of North Indian migrants being killed in Assam and other north-eastern states.
    The same media also deliberately hypes up the flood situation in Mumbai, exaggarating it out of all proportions. Even when the entire city is running normally, they purposely claim the city has shut down. Every year, the rainfall in the monsoon in Mumbai is equivalent to that of the next seven cities put together. No major city in India in the monsoon gets even 1/4th much rainfall as Mumbai. Inspite of this, the media refuses to show these facts. Flooding in other Indian cities also takes place-the catch is it takes ½ to 1/5th the rainfall as Mumbai!

  35. With much less rain, Chennai, Kolkata etc. have huge flooding. With as little as 40 mm of rainfall, Delhi grinds to a halt. These cities are not well run but simply lucky that they do not have much rainfall compared to Mumbai. The intention is not to show the facts as they are but to portray Maharashtrians as inept, clumsy and lazy people. Hence, this deliberate ignoral of facts and figures and even of floods in other parts of the country-to make out that Mumbai’s management will improve only if non-Maharashtrians run it! Ergo, the demand for Mumbai to be a union territory! Massive flooding in other cities with much less rainfall is naturally never shown.

    Communalism too is a part of the problem, albeit a small part, being basically an urban phenomenon bound up with history and race memory. The basic problem of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is a part of is that the elite of Mumbai (and therefore of Maharashtra) is at very best highly ambivalient; at worst positively contemptous about being part of Maharashtra and of all things Maharashtrian and the Marathi language itself.
    The biggest attacks on the Maharashtrian identity and Maharashtrian way of life came during the post-Maharashtra state formation period on account of a system of development which resulted in the marginalization of the very people it was supposed to promote. It was essentially internal colonization in the guise of “development.” Mumbai became an outpost of internal colonalism; which sat in Maharashtra but did not benefit the people of the state.
    A system of “development” which depended on migrant labour, be it white or blue collar, managerial, supervisory or clerical for its very survival had to be exploitative, cruel and anti-local. It depended on recruits from other states even though locals were available. It had to because its aim was not the welfare of the people of Maharashtra or giving employment to locals but a luxurious style of life for the entrepreunrial class and their select employees.
    The whole and sole reason for the investments made was to use the facilities and infrastructure of Maharashtra as a ready-made platform for the enrichment of the entrepreneurs and their employees. Maharashtra only served to provide facilties and infrastructure which were available only in a well-developed state. Emplyoment of locals never entered the picture.
    Locals revolted against this, resulting in the Shiv Sena. The Shiv Sena agitated against the cruel, expolitative system of development by

    attacking resteraunts which did not employ even a single Maharashtrian, companies which brought even clerical and menial workers from other states which themselves had less education than Maharashtra did, exposing the specious arguement that Maharashtrians lacked in education.
    The Gujarati and Parsi, to a much lesser extent, Punjabi and Sindhi elite were alienated from Maharashtra and their support base was mainly the south Indian clerical and supervisory staff. They brought thousands of south Indians to man the administration of schools, boards and corporations of various kinds. Just as the Gujarati and Parsi elite had imbibed the same contemptous attitude the British had towards the Maharashtrians, the south Indians imbibed the same contempt from the Gujarati and Parsi elite.

  36. Though it was laudatory that Marathi was used as the language of administration and education, reservation should have been given to Marathi medium students in engineering and medial and other professional colleges. It did not happen. Some seats should have been set aside by rights for state students when private colleges started coming up in the state. This too did not happen. At the very least, companies should have been asked to give priority to local candidates or simply not invest if they felt locals weren’t good enough. This too did not happen.
    The end result of all of this has been that there are vast numbers of colleges with very few Maharashtrian students in them. The whole purpose of setting up educational instititues in a state is lost if the majority of the seats are occupied by students from other states. The very purpose of building colleges is defeated if local candidates are not a majority.
    The elite in Mumbai systematically ignored Maharashtrians in recruitment. Be it call centers or clerical jobs, the print media or the electronic media, principals of schools or chairman of companies, doctors and nurses in private colleges, teachers in schools or colleges, Maharashtrians were never entertained, White collar managerial staff and supervisory staff, often clerical staff as well was reserved for people from other states.
    The top jobs were closed to Maharashtrians almost totally. Hard as it was for a Maharashtrian to enter a company, it was even harder to rise. Unwritten rules were formulated barring Maharashtrians from going beyond a certain level of senority. Maharashtrians were never considered for any important jobs and they were and are a minority in both central and private sector corporations. Be it in the best private hospitals, the best schools, the companies, the government undertakings, one hardly finds Maharashtrians.

    This invisible glass ceiling has meant that generations of Maharashtrians had to face severely reduced prospects for advancement in their careers, reduced earnings as well as a major loss of social status and standing. Naturally, they are unable to buy property in the heart of the city and have to settle for flats in the distant suburbs. Their children have to settle for second-rate schools and second-rate colleges. They have become second-class citizens in their own land. Second class citizens speaking a second-class language with a second-class culture.

    Deprived of their legitimate share in the fruits of development, marginalized in the political process and administrative setup, belittled on the cultural and linguistic fronts they are virtually reduced to the status of second-rate citizens in their own homeland-such is the fate of the Marathis-speaking people.

  37. Though the CMs of Maharashtra were Maharashtrian, the process continued till it was challenged by the Shiv Sena. The movement was partially successful in opening Maharashtrian eyes. But the state government never made any rules to protect the interests of Marathi-speaking people. Even the existing rules were never implemented. Even after 48 years, Marathi has still not been implemented in the state government. The first assurance regarding the implementation of Marathi as a state language was given in 1966. Very recently, the government has given yet another assurance it shall do so. What will the result be? The reader can guess for herself.
    The same story is in the lower courts. For the last 48 years, the government has been assuring that Marathi will be implemented in the lower courts. It has remained on paper for some reason or the other. All other states have gone ahead and done so. One can understand technical reasons for not implementing Marathi for 5-10 years, or even 20 but if Marathi is perpetually not implemented-then the conclusion is obvious: the aim is to ensure that its easy for non-marathi lawyers to practice in the courts of Maharashtra. If someone comes to such a conclusion, can one blame them?

    From J.R.D Tata downwards, none of the entreprenuers of Mumbai wanted it to be a part of Maharashtra. The SRC did not want it to be a part of Maharashtra. Nehru was extremely ambivalent about the idea as was the RSS. The best lawyers and doctors of Mumbai did not want Mumbai to be a part of Maharashtra. In fact, barring the Maharashtrians, nobody wanted Mumbai to be a part of Maharashtra. But the violence and fury that the SRC report caused in the Marathi speaking world forced the central government to hastily grant Mumbai to Maharashtra.
    Thus was formed Maharashtra with Mumbai as its capital, much against the recommendations of the States Reorginazation Commission, the desires of the Gujarati and Parsi business owners and Nehru and the Central government itself. It was a victory that Maharashtrians were to pay dearly for.
    The Gujarati and Parsi elite, still smarting at being forced to be part of a state they did not want to be part of and angry that their bitter battle to keep Mumbai out of Maharashtra had failed, transferred their hatred and injury to the Marathi-speaking people in general. But it was not merely a collective psychological problem.
    What was important was the lust for power and money of the feudal classes of Maharashtra, the Marathas particulairly. While Brahminic influence was eliminated by Marathas, their own lust for land, power and money increased.
    Marathas for a long time had been lusting for power. Their anti-Brahminism had nothing to do with the elimination of the caste system. They only wanted to replace Brahminical rule with their own dispensation. But the entrepreneurs, in alliance with the south Indian and north Indian managerial class, checkmated them. Thus power reamined in non-Maharashtrian hands inspite of Mumbai becoming part of
    Maharashtra. They subjected Maharashtrians to every type of humiliation imaginable.
    Yet it is this same political class that betrayed and has betrayed the Maharashtrians for the last 48 years. As early as 1966, people of Maharashtra had revolted against being oppressed through the Shiv Sena. This was the same year when the first assurance on the implementation of Marathi was given.
    Neither has been done. Such is the character of the Maharashtra leadership. Let the people beware!

  38. The Shiv Sena and the MNS itself was a product of the betrayal of the SMM as also the discrimination against Maharashtrians. The degree to which Maharashtrians have been discriminated can be summed up in this: Out of the 200 best schools of Mumbai and Pune, around 7.5 % have Maharashtrian principals-this when Maharashtrians constitute 73.3 % of the state’s population.
    It is absurd to say that there is no discrimination in recruitment. In fact, there has been as much discrimination against Maharashtrians as there has been against Muslims in employment. More perhaps, as Maharashtrians are among India’s most educated linguistic communities (2001 Census) while Muslims are INdia’s least educated religious community. If that is kept in mind, Thackeray’s outbursts are understandable.
    The essentially Maharashtrian character of the cities of Maharashtra have been transformed by a huge influx of migrants from other states. For the last 40 years, ever since the formation of the state, in-migration into Maharashtra has been the highest or second highest in India. For three decades, it has been by far the highest.

    In white collar jobs, especially the managerial and supervisory jobs, Maharashtrians occupy an insignificant share. There is hardly even a single company, board or corporation or English medium school which is headed by a Maharashtrian/
    A marauding capitalism has been superimposed on a casteist and feudal society. The ill-gotten film wealth and colonial exploitation of Maharashtra’s water, land, power and other resources have created an insane society. This can be seen in every aspect of life, most notably the hijacking of 75 % of Maharashtra’s water for one crop-sugarcane. The Congress and Nationalist Congress Party are the official representatives of this insanity.
    An attempt is being made to paper over contradictions in Maharashtra by throwing some crumbs to Maharashtrians and turning them into a compradour class. All the contradictions of this expolitative model of development are sought to be resolved by resorting to calling it “cosmopolitainism” into a wholesale exploitation of Maharashtrane by the ruling classes of Maharashtra.
    A separate Maharashtra was supposed to have prevented such a take-over. But people can be totally enslaved only when their language and culture are destroyed. The non-Maharashtrian burden is a continuation of the notion of the white man’s burden. Those humiliated by the British have not learnt any lessons. They imagine that they can lord it over Maharashtrians indefinitely. The British also thought so. The sun however has set on the British empire.
    Marathi is just a inferioir version of Hindi, Maharashtrians are lazy, stupid and they are also fools and rustic boors, fit for nothing but menial jobs at the same time: Such are the officially sanctioned non-Maharashtrian attitudes. While the entire country lauds Maharashtra and its achievements, the non-Maharashtrian elite are never tired of saying that Maharashtrians are parasites, and that development took place inspite of them, not because of them. Thus, the suicidal attempt to subjugate Marathi and Maharashtrians permanently continues. Even the recent outburst of anger after the Azmi speech has been forgotten.

    It deserves to be said: the notion of the non-Maharashtrian burden is just a continuation of the notion of the white man’s burden.

    Both are equally bogus. Just as India did not collapse when the British left, Mumbai/Maharashtra will not collapse when non-Maharashtrians leave.

  39. It amuses me to see Orion and Rao talking about North Indian hardwork and efficiency.

    UP,Bihar,Rajasthan,MP,Jharkhand,Chattisgarh,Uttaranchal all show what hard working capability North Indians have! You people messed up your own states so badly you have to come here just to earn your daily bread. You guys have made such a mess of your own states, run by your North Indian bureacrats, North Indian politicians and North Indian govt employees that it sounds laughable you claim to be hardworking. The state of your own states just shows how hard working you actually are. You made a mess of your own colleges so you have to study even in 3rd rate colleges in MH, you killed industries so much that you have to come all the way here just to drive taxis and clean toilets, you made such a hash of your own industries that you need to come here begging for jobs, you make such a mess of your hospitals that

    What bugs you is when you land up in Maharashtra, you realize that things are far better here than in those shitholes back home in UP,Bihar, MP,Rajasthan etc. You realize that life in MH is far better than what you left behind in the north. That’s what bugs you isn’t it? When you land up here, it hits that things actually function here unlike in those utopias back home. In fact what stuns you is that a community you are accusing of being lazy and inefficient actually does a far better job of running their state than you hard-working people up north-that’s why you’re here in such huge numbers. It annoys you that these people who are supposed to be lazy have done a much better job than you guys. Then you relentlessly discriminate against them in every possible way out of this inferiority complex.

    You northies keep claiming to be so great and so hard working. You were running this country for the last 62 years and look what a mess you made of it. Almost all the PMs were north Indians, the IAS/IPS/IFS officers were north Indians, the army officers, even the businessmen were North Indians-and you can see what the state of the country is.

    Almost all the PMs were north Indians, the IAS/IPS/IFS officers were north Indians, the army officers, the top executives, even the businessmen were North Indians-and you can see what the state of the country is. You ran this country-and

    I am glad for once that you admit that the IAS officers in MH are mostly north Indians. This has been the case for the last 15 years. Yes indeed the IAS officers are North Indians and the administration of the state has gone to the dogs-in all and every sector. Your North Indian incompetence can be seen there itself. All the IAS officers are NIs and you converting the state into another Bihar. You couldn’t Bihar MH, so you are going to make MH another Bihar eh?

  40. The guy who started this thread is either a genius or just like an ordinary Indian politician who know exactly which button to press for controlling the minds of people and the way they think.
    It is because of people like these that some American idiot like laks someone , has to come and malign us Indians.
    It is exactly because of people like these that this fight will go on n on.
    Someone has rightly said in this thread that language is what makes the difference. But people like the guy who started this thread by throwing a very asinine topic would not even leave a foreign language to ignite the hatred because if your mother tongue makes you different from someone else then at least let English bind the people together.But then too we will seek reasons to fight.

    For a few points I agree with that stupid American laks.
    But dude your country is headed the same way. It’s just a matter of time.May you wont be alive to see it, may be I wont be alive either. Your country is just an experiment that was successful and you got lucky.
    As far India is concerned your American companies will shut down if they cant find markets like India to sell their stuff. And your economy will fall like a house of cards if you don’t have Indian resources in the field of medicine,space,research and IT of course.

    Americans are spoiled,obese and pig-headed human beings on GENERAL level. A handful of you are good.which is less than 1% of the good people that you will get in India. So stop boasting, you guys are not progressing…!! We are..!!

  41. The IPS officers are also mostly north Indians and you can see what a mess you made out of it. Maharashtra’s law and order situation is going from bad to worse, already our crime conviction rate is one of the worst. Just goes to show how inefficient you north indians actually are. You ruined your own states and now you want to ruin ourselves as well!

    Instead of saying IAS/IPS officers are North Indians, ask yourself: what have they done? What have they achieved? What is the standard of governance in the state-is it getting any better as a result? The IAS and IPS officers from North India are achieving what? Can you point to something and specify that they have done that?

    Or are they just sitting behind a desk, ordering people around and showing their true North Indian efficiency in misgoverning the state and taking it to the dogs?
    Are you proud that the IAS/IPS/IFS officers who are responsible for the mess we see in our state are all North Indians?

    Is it something to be proud of?

  42. Irrespective of who the IAS/IPS/IFS officers are, are they doing a good job?

    In this case, most certainly not.

  43. DO you mean to say, with a straight face, that internal colonization=development? Is the internal colonization of Maharashtra, demographic change, unrestricted influx, spiralling crime, growing slums, hawker menace, impossibly expensive land, linguistic marginalization, reducing Maharashtrians to a minority in their own capital, collapsing infrastructure under the weight of all 33 lakh migrants, killer local trains, overcrowded buses, making flats unaffordable for middle-class people, denying them jobs in every sector and at every level on some flimsy grounds or the other, driving them into unemployment and poverty, overcrowded roads, reducing Marathi % from 85 in 1961 to 68 % in 2001, refusing to teach Marathi in CBSE/ICSE schools and thereby denying employment to Marathi teachers, robbing us of the benefits of doing family planning by coming in such huge numbers that the state’s population density has increased from 164 in 1961 to 314 today, tearing down mills and converting them into bowling alleys and malls, killing our film industry, killing 105 Maharashtrians in broad day light when they were protesting peacefully, perpetually ridiculing our language and culture and people in your shit film industry (Couldn’t win a single Oscar in 62 years!), bringing in teachers from other states in schools in MH denying employment to locals…and you have the gall to say you have developed the state?!!

    Internal colonization of Maharashtra does not count as development. Nor do Parsi or any other community housing socities.

    Good riddance to you people. Take your “development” and put it you know where. Feel free to go back to whichever shitholes you came from and take your development there. We are fed up of you. Thackeray or no Thackeray, MNS-like elements can only grow and grow.

    First take back the Bengali prostitutes-feed them. Take back the UP taxi drivers-feed them. Take back the Biharis cleaning toilets and sweeping roads, the Telugus working as road labourers, the Bangladeshis working as domrstic servants-take them back and feed them. Eat what they cook.

    Then talk about Maharashtrians.

  44. Alright… so there is a lot of posts and I dont have time to read and reply. Just a few observations by a quick brush of the recent posts:

    1. laks is another pig-shit eating bastard motherfucker indian who just got american citizenship! And america became his “my country”. Even though he remembers running naked around in his village until he reached puberty 😀 but now that he is “american” all he remembers is to abuse india. Ya ya, I know you’ll come back and try to convince you are an american. But you are laughing stock man. Dont bull shit around here and GET THE FUCKING LOST from the thread

    2. ramanujam, though you sound like a MHian, you chose a southie name, so I am not sure who are you. Dr. Ramanujam was a great indian mathematician, ever heard that?

    3. ramanujam, where did you copy-paste so much of stuff from? Did you go online on a marathi portal or newspaper website or what?

    4. Thank God that there are IAS/IPS/IFS etc officers and the judicial is still in the system. They are the ones who are actually qualified to run the country and are trying to do so. Or one day a congress PM will dream and wake up to declare that the country will be run by politicians and politicians only and scrap the civil services exam and judicial system just like POTA/TADA whatever it was. And then you’ll really start missing all those IAS officers.

    Ok ramanujam and other friends, will read your text and respond later!

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