India has never invaded another country…

I think by now everyone has received this chain mail which extolls the virtues of India. It contains the line “India has never invaded another country in the 10000 years of its history. (The whole text is here.)

The problem is, that sentence is false even if you take a very generous definition of India to include Afghanistan. For example, this column details the exploits of the Chola kings in South East Asia.

You know what I am leading upto right? Here is your question. Give me another example where Indians have invaded another country. Remember that I am literally stretching the map of India, so anything that the Mughals might have done in present day Afghanistan is out. There might be more than one answer. The specific event I am thinking of happened within the past three hundred years, but any other examples are also welcome.

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  1. I’m not quite sure whether you can include Afghanistan. The only period that Kabul and Delhi were under the same ruler (for more than the course of a military/looting raid) was under Babar.

    I think most people want accept this count but just post-independence there is Goa, Hyderabad and Junagadh. Also if you really want a big count you can include everytime one part of India invaded another part of India, which is most of our national history from the 16 Mahajanapadas onwards.

    Let’s face it Indians are not particularly peaceful people, infact they are just like everyone else.

  2. Kandahar was a Mughal province under Akbar and Shah Jahan. But it was always rebellious. It was the place where they used to banish their wayward sons.

  3. India’s invasion has been very subtle; it is not so much a military invasion but cultural exchange and assimilation.

  4. Bangladesh?

    I am also thinking if we had something to do with Fiji, but that is just another one of my hot gas chambers leaking 😉

  5. The Early Pandyas invaded Sri Lanka. They ruled the north of Sri Lanka for a century or so till the Sinhalese line was restored. It later became traditional for Sinhala rulers to take wives from the Pandyan royalty.

    But, I think you are angling for Goa.

  6. Goa couldnt be another country, could it? Nehru did march in with his troops, but I always thought it was to reclaim a province of India.

    Srilanka, though is an obvious choice, which is why I didnt make it.

    I still would go with Bangladesh.

  7. Sri Lanka seems to have been a favourite target of south Indian kings. Pallavas under Narasimhavarman had sent their navy to Sri Lanka, but that was for assisting a local king regain his throne. But, Cheras, some 500-600 years before Narasimhavarman, were strong in Navy and had invaded Sri Lanka too. Some 600 years after Narasimhavarman, Devaraya of Vijayanagar, is said to have recieved tributes from Sri Lanka. I guess, east asia must also have been invaded by Indians going by their Indianish names and architecture. But, by and large, I think we were too busy fighting among oursleves that we didnt have time to invade other countries.

    As to Goa, you cant call India taking it over an ‘invasion’, can you? If yes, one can also say India invaded Hyderabad. There is an interesting story regarding this. Nehru wanted to explain to leaders of other countries how Hyderabad was an integral part of India, and why India would soon take it over from Razakars by force. Nehru, it seems, had used the word ‘military’. But, Rajaji asked the prime minister to replace that with ‘police’, because he reasoned, if its an integral part of India, why would one deploy army. Nehru, then, replaced it with police. And so, we use ‘troops’ when we talk about Goa, and ‘police’ wrt Hyderabad. But, the difference, really, is in the choice of words.

  8. Sorry to do this, But I think it is Sikkim. And I think I finally scored a point here at Ravikiran dot com. Excuse me while I do a victory dance and a jog around the field


  9. Not comment spam, but I didnt see the first line of Yazad’s comment. I just read the Srilanka and Ram Ravana thing and went on my victory lap. If I could take back my comment, I would, but since I can’t, sorry

  10. It boils down to how you geographically define “India”. India has never been one country before the British… so as a British invention, India, in its present form never invade any other country… but there was no India before that, each state/ region was a separate coutry and we were invading each other.. but the primary argument here is that Indians are claimed to be “non-militariastic” when someone says that we have not invaded another country. Going by history, we can never say we have been non-militaristic.

  11. Hey ravikiran, thanks for the info… i really didnt bother to crosscheck.. thought it would be right! thankyou again..

  12. India has never Invaded any country in its history of “whatever” years. Actually India has never invaded any other country. When we use the word India, we mean the area spanning from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It was called Aryawarg at time of Pandawas, Hindustan at the time of Akbar and India at the time of British. And in the era of Ram, it was Ram and his army who invaded Sri Lanka. At that time Ram was not the king of Ayodhya and no Indian army was sent for his help. At any other time, existence of a single country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is a Myth. After 1947, Indian army has only restored India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and not invaded any other land outside those boundaries. It has actually donated some land to Pakistan and lost some land to China.

  13. Hey, the Cholan Emperor did invade my country during the pre-Islamic period. The Malay Empire of Sri Vijaya was probably becoming weak and there are a lot of other relatively weak Malay kingdoms practising a merged Buddhist and hindu faiths.

    But the point is, it is a myth that India never invaded any country in 100 million years. Chola did about 2000 years ago… 😛

  14. Hi malaysian,
    The cholans sent their army to protect their traders from the sea thieves.SriVijaya`s king supported the barbaric theives who killed and raped woman in the ships. So the chola´s navy went and defeated them .

  15. Goa was called a police action.
    But there is a general point, that indians havent invaded other countries
    for colonization as the western including islamic powers have.
    The spanish were the worst when it comes to that sort of behavior
    followed by portugese and dutch.
    the brits were bad but dont compare to what the spanish portuges and muslims have done with their conquered land.
    I came through a trip through mexico and found that those cultures really got royally F’ed…..

  16. Sikkim in fact was “invaded” and included into India very cleverly by the govt of Indira Gandhi. She planted several agents of RAW into Sikkim to slowly overthrow the Sikkimese royal govt.
    The anceint other examples of India’s invasions can be easily found in Indonesia, Combodia, Malaya and entire south-east Asian belt. Where did the names such as Ja-Krata, Yogya-krata, Singha-pore come from?

  17. sri lanka and also Afghanistan were part of india, therefore the theory of invading these places could be ruled out. Also Ravan was a hindu, part of vedic culture, as he worshipped Brahma.
    the battles and feuds were internal, indians did not go to fight the romans or the greeks, it is they who came to india. india did not need anything from others, it had every thing thriving, from culture to cultivation, therefore it is true that india did not invade another country, thats why it shrunk to todays land mass, and more of the ancient ppl chose to move to india than elsewhere.


  18. I highly respect hindu mythology and it has been a great inspiration. But, please dont talk about Ram as if it is history. Granted that some similar event could have happened, that does not make it history.

  19. karan i just say you are lying ,does anybody bilive anycountry pleasure to present some land to other ,it has never invaded an all country it is like sikkim even if the china is .your country made a country(sikkim) disappear from earth ,it’s so shame

  20. Hello evry one!I do agree of some of you who say “India never invaded”Because until present, India was never a single political entity.But India DID invade”The south Indian Chola Empire” was a maritime empire.So some of you must do a serch on “Chola Empire” and you would now how powerful the chola Army and Navy was(1000 yra ago) led by the greatest chola emperours”Raja Raja chola the great And Rajendra chola the great both father & son.This empire consisted @its heit of entier southern india,noth east and east india(including kalinga),Sri lanka, maldieves, andaman,nicobar,java,sumathra etc..)
    So guys pls do read about”Chola Empire”on a google serch-thanx

  21. Hi Malasian!
    I do agree the south indian Chola empire invaded the Sri Vijaya kingdom and took over control of the south & south east asian sea.This happend around 1000 AD by great emperouer Rajendra Chola 1.The chola navy had a reasonable control for around a centuary over the sea in that area.This is how some can find tamils in the area even today and the Dravidian Architecture is visible in the region.

  22. Chola Kings Invaded Indonesia. They mixed with local people and built the Prambanan Hindu Temple and Borodurur Buddha Temple.

    I want to add that Chola Tamils Kings were NOT INDIANS during 1100 AD…..

    Tamils become Indians by 1900 AD only….

    So if anybody says Indian has never invaded other country…say We India got formed in 1900s only and got independance from British by 1947

    Thanks for Acknowledging the TAMIL CHOLA MIGHTY KINGDOM..

    I hope North Indians read something abt TAmil Kings – Chola , Pandyan, Cheran and Pallavan


    I visited the Parambanan Temple and felt so happy abt the Dravidian Architechture used in the temples.

    Indonesia /Malaysians use some tamil words like ‘Pena’ and ‘Kedai ‘ for PEN and SHOP

  23. The present india is only formed by british,before that mughals even ruled but their is many kings an kingdoms,the first mughal invader to south india is on the period of brotherkood struggle of pandiya king,,,veera pandiyan and sundara pandiyan,
    tamil kings ruled burma called maranmathesam presently myanmar, indonesia, kambushya, vietnam,all over the asia
    but they did nt went in to china. chinese had a trade relation, but never they fght
    ven the present our indian government want to hide the explores from the discovery channel progect
    mughal kings are from persion speaking lands so they are not indians, but they stand long time and formed their ,,
    maurya kings.ashoka , purushothaman they are also good warriers,,,,
    the tamil kings figt each other and loosed their strength ,now again tamils showing their skill not wanted by any other state ,,,
    tamil eelam ,,,,,,

  24. Ganapathy
    “Hi malaysian,
    The cholans sent their army to protect their traders from the sea thieves.SriVijaya`s king supported the barbaric theives who killed and raped woman in the ships. So the chola´s navy went and defeated them ”

    Ganapathy, get ur facts right. What thieves?? Chola was not happy because of the monopoly of Srivijaya. Do some research first. I did.

  25. Presently india, has NEVER invaded any other country , before india was not the same , the states of india now were separate countries before , simple as that, INDIA has never invaded any country after it became INDIA. I’m not trying to favor india because I’m indian but from the day we are born we are taught to respect people and definately not take anyones hard working credit, and destroy their homes

  26. Ram Bhagwan invaded srilanka because Sitaji was captured by Raavan. Comeon who will not invade if you harm us. As an Indian, We are not taught to attack first, but nevertheless deadly attack if needed. Kudos to Bhagvad Geeta.

  27. India from time immemorial existed on the Aryan Principle of not even hurting a fly. india never intentionally invaded any country for the sake of annexing or acquiring it and that why today in this rotten world India can hold her head high in front of 99% rogue countries. I am not from India but I am an Indian. I believe one day what went around will come around for India.

  28. yeah india has invaded pakistan (until serperate) shri lanka(claimed),bangladesh(claimed)
    afganistan iran iraq(seperated). indian influence is on this whole planet and when you think about asia india comes up first and the most important country in asia. india is the oldest history and oldest counrty in asia and one of the oldest histories in the world after india. all this country started(southeast asia) even part of turks is indian influence
    be proud to be a indian!

  29. The Kingdom existed in Sri Lanka was Indian itself… Bcos it was Indians who started staying there…There was no Empire before that… And the culture in Srilanka was Indian Culture. So there is no point that Indian Kings attacked another nation outside India.

  30. i love the way nobody is refuting the fact that sikkim was invaded…..let alone manipur which was forcibly acceded in 1949 despite having held free elections based on adult franchise, i feel indians should analyse their own history from the time of independence and see for themselves the dirty deeds done in the name of democracy

  31. well my dearest Indian brothers,


  33. Whats the meaning of word ‘invasion’. The meaning is ‘the act of an army entering ANOTHER country by force inorder to take the control of it’. Sikkim, Hyderabad, Goa where once part of BHARATHAM. It was united in one way or another from the begining. Every one should know the thing that my bharath matha is the only nation which has lost so much of her integral lands. She has lost today’s pakisthan, bangladesh, srilanka. But we are not ready to lost any thing else. So be careful pakisthan, china. . . Don’t come to attack us

  34. Indian sikhs have invaded till Afghanistan till Kabul….. So all those who think India has never invaded any country please cheek Sikh history…. ..

  35. Thats BANIYAPANTHI VHP,RSS org which wants to create this image that ANCIENT BHARTIYA did not invade. we had a huge empire till central asia. The kings used to receive education first and one important education was DIG VIJAYA.

  36. India has engulf so many independent small countries in the post independence days. Manipur ,Tripura were one of them. It was never under India but during Sardar Vallabh Bhai Pate it was forcefully merge to India at Gun point at the infamous Merger agreement of Manipur in the case of Manipur. Those are the past history and all of us are Indians now. Now some writers come up with a different story of Indo-China war, Indian politics are are never transparent as far as our foreign policy goes and we are left behind the curtain. And our whole neighborhood is not happy with us.

  37. too knw all these u need to atleast do a B.A or M.A in indian history india definition is the region tat had a wide population following indian traditions india spread upto afghanistan .afghan b4 muslims had a huge buddhist population mass kil n conversion.indus valley civilisation of india had a establishment in shortughai nw in afghan.srilanka was a part of india south india had close relation with srilanka marrge alaince etc srilanka was a indian state tat acknowlged indian they dnt count invasions.n for cholas it was a invasion to free up trade from pirtes n nt rule them some of our traders even tuk up lif ther sme later becme kings bt they had no power link with india it was cutural link they didn’t even establish contact.u take other countries they invaded ruled.greek roman islamic christian.all.esablishd their faiths thoru force india nt so.and for india divided tats a myth.indian pattn was simple whoever had lump territory wa were lower rulers who maintained hadmariage alliance with eachother it was lik democracy not with votes bt with arms.aryan dravida thoery was bbc acknowled tat some years back a reseRch repot by american univ in florida I think with indan gene research ackgnd tat fct it was a myth

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