Alternative ways to show smoking in films…

In Indian movies, when they need to need to imply that sex has taken place, they use some rather interesting techniques, such as showing the sun rising the morning after, showing fire burning brightly, showing leaves and other objects shaking, showing clothes strewn about…

Now that people can’t be shown lighting up, what techniques will they use? I don’t have the vivid imagination required, so I must ask my readers to help me with this. Inputs from Gults will be most appreciated, as their movies seem to show the most imagination, especially where creative use of a heroine’s belly button is concerned.

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  1. The Film industry may be getting a complex when it comes to vivid imaginations. As I see it, all the vivid imagination these days is probably being used up by the Health Ministry. We may ask them for the necessary alternatives to their ludicrous censors. I hope they can at least light up some imaginative minds.

  2. okay, so checking the list of things not allowed on film, we have:
    Sex. Smoking.

    What’z common you azk?

    The letter S of courze.

    One can only hope they carry thiz to itz logical concluzion and
    ban Shahrukh from film too.

  3. we do try to find smoking belly-buttons all the time, so that leaves me, as Pratchett would say, horribly confused, like a dog trying to think two thoughts at the same time.

    Cut to tapori on street-side striking a match, beedi in mouth.
    Policeman notices, and saunters across. Raps lathi on the pavement.
    “kya ho raha hai yahan?”
    “kuch nahin saab”
    “cigarette?”, the man offers.
    “tujhe pata nahin, fillum mein cigarette peena mana hai? phek de abhi, varna andar kar doonga”
    PS Why aren’t these bans retroactive?

  4. Maybe, in a reversal of symbolisms, they can show people having sex, to imply that “smoking” has just taken place.

  5. I would like to add to the S list of seven times six :

    Shakti ‘Stung by the Sting’ Kapoor
    Saas and Bahus (Smriti Irani)

    On a different note, the Supreme Court had banned smoking in all public places. We know how that judgment was implemented now don’t we ?

  6. Ravi,
    Either your trackback thingy is not working or my comprehension skills are pathetic. Either way could you please let “us” know?

  7. Show an incense stick burning, and little ash strewn around it.

    Show one of those old kerosene lamps getting smudged out.

    A candle being lit.

    Show a man popping a halls into his mouth to signify the end of the cigarette.

    Man – there are loads you can do with this.

  8. Reading this post reminded me of Midnight’s children and the use of mangoes and cups of teas to demonstrate far more powerfully the relationship between two people.

    Sometimes subtlety adds immense depth. Of course at other times to hell with subtlety. Oooh which reminds me – wasn’t there some controversy a while back about porn stars being forced to wear condoms???

  9. Whenever we have to censor a character lighting a cigarette, we can move the camera to one of the following harmless objects/scenes

    1. A matchbox
    2. An empty ashtray (Make sure there are no butts in it)
    3. Smoke rising from a rooftop chimney

    Hell, the next time I watch the Dev Anand song “Mein Zindagi ka saath nivata chala gaya ..”, I may end up staring at a matchbox kept on a table for the entire duration of the song..

  10. I would also like to add one thing. I read somewhere that the kiss in Indian Cinema was “Miss the kiss by a milimetere”. When the kiss is displayed like this, can one complain about sex?

  11. A white marble mortar and pestle, still dirty from crushed spice.
    that can be artistic and still fairly explicit. 🙂

  12. Hi! 🙂 I managed to catch ‘Beowulf and Grendel’ the other day on a DVD i got off ebay. It doesn’t look like the film is having a UK release date so i checked ebay and too my suprise it had already been released on DVD in Iceland.

    My thoughts on the film.

    At 100 minutes in length this is not like many of the recent fantasy epics such as LotR and Narnia which both stretched near 3 hours, however the film has no need to be any longer as they story of Beowulf is not a long story anyway.

    If you don’t know of the story of ‘Beowuf and Grendel’ its basically about a ‘troll’ who keeps killing men in a Danish village as an act of revenge for the muder of it’s father. Beowulf is then called in to banish the troll from the lands to stop the bloodshed.

    I enjoyed the film. It has breathtaking visuals and good performances from it’s actors. Gerard Butler was suprisingly good as Beowulf, pumping emotion and testosterone into the character. I’ve never really took to Gerard in films before, especially after the crapfest of Tomb Raider 2. Stellan Skarsgard takes on the role of a king again in ‘Beowulf and Grendel’, but unlike the Saxon king he played in King Arthur, his character King Hrothgar is an emotionally crippled character with little hope.

    Ingvar Eggert Sigur?sson steals the film though as Grendel the ‘troll’. The misunderstood character is bought to life well by Ingvar.

    ‘Beowulf and Grendel’ stays true to the old Norse tale and delivers well as a film. I think this film deserves a theatrical release, I feel i would have enjoyed it more so on the big screen.

    It’s no Lord of the Rings but i knew that before i saw the film anyway.

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