Nitin Pai Should Start a Gurukul

You know, the sort where he has disciples who follow him, hear him talk, hang on to every word and take down notes. It is an incalculable loss to society otherwise. It is terribly inefficient to expect him to write out his ideas in a blog, as I am sure his typing is a bottleneck that chokes the flood of ideas.

Anyway, that was the impression I got when I, along with others met Nitin on Saturday. I also accompanied him to the Gates of Paradise and got a free bottle of orange juice.

17 thoughts on “Nitin Pai Should Start a Gurukul

  1. Dear Ravikiran,

    You are bordering on apostasy. Ordinary mortals, even those who are held back by keyboards (which were anyway designed to hold back humans) should not make themselves so proud as to seek or guide disciples. That prerogative is Divine.

    But you are right in one way. I did provide lecture notes 🙂

  2. Nitin, you are right. Only the Jagadguru has the prerogative. Yet ordinary mortals have the right, nay the responsibility, to guide ordinarier mortals in the divinely ordained way of the Jagadguru.

  3. Double standard of secular media (or vested interest) hates speech by BSP(Muslim) leader of bareli roit fame. No action, no debate by self styled secular media lynching of Varun Dandhi even after one Year.

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  11. Father(late Rajeev Gandhi) & son(Rahul Gandhi) have been trying to Develop Amethi from last 25 years is there an any accountability. Modi ji has developed Surat City from Worst Indian City to 4th most beautiful City(in 8 years) in India. Is there any Comparision. Same on You Secularist and there friends(Self Styled Secularist Media).

  12. P.M talks about inclusive growth. what is inclusive growth. Building, Roads, Hospitals, Public Utilities, Primary Schools, Universities, Or Giving Reservation(Exclusively for Muslims) is their any sane thinking.

  13. Congress has rude this country for most of the time muslims have voted for the congress most of the time. Sachcher Committee and Rang Nath Mishra Committee has concluded muslims are least developed. They have to ask each otheres for the answeres least they should ask for any reservation or special packages. My analysis is congress is a bad influance.

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