The Dalai Lama

I have a feeling that he does not really care for Tibet, but just wants to spend his last days in peace. Would that be a valid assessment?

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  1. Well you can never really tell what’s going through the Dalai Lama’s mind, can you? I thought his statement that the olympics should not be boycotted was very commendable. Sport, especially an event as big as the Olympics must unite and rise above petty quarrels between cultures. Maybe the Tibetan people need a new leader, the Dalai seems to have saturated all his options.

    I’d like to know on what basis Gaurav said “No”.

  2. they and their passe-itude has nothing to do with what I said.
    I meant he has too high an opinion of himself and his purpose as a beneficial agent for Tibet; to want to spend the rest of his days in solitude and peace. To give another recent example, it is quite likley that Hillary Clinton really does think of herself as a much needed beneficial agent who can commandeer US into uncharted success.
    Dalai Lama is right in his beliefs, Hillary Clinton is not.

    btw, bashing Dawkins is prolly passe-er. oh those belligerent atheists, why wont they leave people with their private beliefs alone. that is an idjit talking point, because it is after non-private theistic beliefs that they go after with most belligerence. And that can hardly be passe.

  3. Oh, well most probably he does believe what you are saying but that is hardly God complex, let’s just settle for leadership.

    And I hardly think religion is privately held, so what you say is not my problem at least, my problem with Dawkins, Hitches, Harris et al is that they are intellectually dishonest to core, and their level of discourse is just a notch above Ayn Rand.

  4. Neither Dalai nor Hillary Clinton are great leaders. If they lead anything, most probably they lead the society and people to chaos

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