Exclusion for VDs

I am looking over the terms of my company’s medical insurance policy and there is an exclusion for venereal diseases. This seems to be standard for all providers. Any idea why? Of course, this is “self-inflicted” in the sense that you choose to have the risky sex that causes this, but then, there is no lung cancer exclusion for smokers. Is it a moral issue or is there some other reason I am missing?

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  1. This exclusion is probably because of HIV-AIDS being classified technically as a VD. The insurance company probably did not want to assume treatment of this due to some actuarial assumptions (likely possibility – the death rate for AIDS patients being high enough over a certain minimum threshold – therefore not enough time to recoup the added treatment cost via insurance premiums).

    Also, likely that smokers, even though they tend to die quicker than the general non-smoker populace, may live beyond a certain minimum threshold which allows the insurer to recoup treatment losses via premiums over the insured’s working lifetime.

  2. Claims Processing systems decline all VD related claims. But then, I guess that is now obvious to you.

    Further, VD will generally fall under disease management programs of payers, if at all there has to be coverage. And, since the disease management programs are also linked to Behavioral Health Programs, I guess it’s almost natural that the benefit plan is designed to not have internal conflicts.

  3. There is no need for any VD insurance in India. As you may be well aware, Indian culture disapproves of pre-marital or extra-marital sex so we do not have sex with anyone except our spouses. Because of that, we simply don’t get any STDs in the first place. The Western world should learn from us.

  4. my guess is because – currently no company will demand for such a coverage for their employees. No will will ask their company to demand for it.

    Why take responsibility for a cost when there is no popular demand.

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