15 thoughts on “To Be Fair to Gults

  1. I just thought i should point out that , the second statement of this post seems to be worse than anything that you had initially said , its like saying :

    – ha ha , X
    – Oh X is in indiana, the US of A also !!!
    -Therefore i must be worng !!!! Sorry guys

  2. Sarchasm — never heard of it Nitpick…I mean Ritwik. Merrian Webster has no reference to it. Did you mean sarcasm? Was somebody being sarcastic here? I may have been blind to it, what with no face to face communication and people not using enough smileys either!

    Honestly – what is iron deficiency – what is it a metaphor for here?


  3. Hey VK could you please elaborate on “Aw come on SR!”
    . Pardon my foolishness but i seriously dont get what i am supposed to be coming on to 🙂

  4. I have posted the odd comment on a blog, but have never like gotten into a blog comment conversation. Is this what is called trolling?

    SR – I meant like “Come on, give him a break, thats not what he meant, he found some other reference to triple ex and family and posted it, even if that reference was somewhere in Botswana he probably would have mentioned it”. Ardhamayinda? Or were you trying to be sarcastic/funny and I missed it? Christ, I have never had trouble with email/IM conversations before; and now I’m accused of missing sarcasm.

  5. @Gaurav: Why don’t you just unsubscribe? I did that for his comment feed, and Google Reader’s suggested feeds immediately improved in quality.

  6. Respected Overlord,

    I am shocked that you would suggest such a thing. Do you really think that I am such an ingrate to unsubscribe a guy who called me Noted (for any reason).

  7. Indeed I am ignoramus – Dont know why someone like you of all people would call himself zen babu.

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