Unnecessary Redundancy

Fark.com, that indespensible source of news, has brought to my attention the troubling case of Nancy Kissel , an American resident of Hong Kong who murdered her husband. She first laced her husband’s milkshake with sedatives and then bludgeoned him to death with a lead ornament. 

This modus operandi upsets my aesthetic sense. One should either poison one’s husband and make a clean killing or one should bash him up and see him die in pain. This innovation achieved neither purpose. I hope it does not become a trend.

5 thoughts on “Unnecessary Redundancy

  1. I am sure she achieved *her* purpose, despite not meeting your expectations.

    Alternative titles for the post:
    1. Unnecessary
    2. Redundant!

    PS: Sedative =/= Poison
    PS2: Not enough tablets for an overdose? Lack of confidence in their potency?

  2. Vivek, I strongly deplore your preference for the functional aspect over the aesthetic. As Shashi Tharoor would point out, this sort of attitude, of which your alma mater is a notorious source, is the same one that leads to most of the ills of the world, including terrorism and Nehruvian architecture.

  3. Bashing up is not always a one way process, when the intended victim is awake. I quite like this woman because her purpose was to make sure she enjoyed the bashing up while he died. His pain was irrelevant.

  4. And she must have used a lead ornament so that the murder doesnt shock her electrician boyfriend. And why does her modus operandi remind me of Ajay Shah’s approach to monetary policy?

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