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Creative Commons Licence.

You can redistribute all work here under certain conditions that are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India Licence.

  • You must credit me as “Ravikiran Rao”. Where practical, you must provide a link back to
  • You cannot make any alteration to my work. Spelling corrections or small stylistic alterations are okay. If in doubt, I decide what is permissible.
  • The reuse should be non-commercial. You cannot sell my work or put it in a web site that also has ads. If you need to, ask me and I will almost certainly say yes. This policy is meant to protect myself against splogs and the unlikely case that someone publishes a book of my blog posts, not to stop legitimate reuse.
  • Comments on posts are copyright of the commenters. The status of any comment made before August 17 2007, when this policy was formulated, is uncertain. If the comment has been made after August 17, 2007 commenters have published them under the
    Creative Commons License
    , which means that you can use the comments for commercial purposes, provided you do not alter them and you attribute the authors of those comments? I insist on a more liberal license for comments because if I don’t, I will not be able to have adsense on my blog, which would be a shame.