A museum on the British Empire

India, of course, is central to the exhibition. The photographs tell the stories – the ayahs, the railways, the tiffin and the regiments. So do the models of those magnificent Indian steam trains, the huge oil painting of the Great Delhi Durbar of 1903 (effectively paralleled by a jerky old film of the same event), the commentaries and the statistics. Upstairs, in a spacious area for special exhibitions and temporary displays, the museum has assembled an impressive collection of pioneering photographs of India from 1850 until 1900, illuminating the daily life of the Raj. Times Online

Just a thought. Have we ruled ourselves any better than the British did? I am not asking whether we are better off now than we were 55 years ago. We definitely are. My question is whether we wouldn’t have been even better off if we had simply continued the policies that the British followed rather than substitute those policies with socialism.