Yes, unfortunately, as the title of this article says:
The Left wins the first round

But I don’t agree with this:

So, it had no business to spring a surprise on the Left with policies that would upset it. The Budget proposals on raising the limit of foreign direct investment in civil aviation, telecom and insurance sectors were sure to have invited the Left’s ire.
Why the senior Congress leaders did not anticipate such problems and seek the Left’s views before announcing the new policy is a puzzle.

What exactly would the government have achieved by discussing with a bunch of retards whose vocabulary extends to just one word: No?
The only reason the left did not join the government was so that they could say no to everything without being responsible for anything.

As I have explained before, the only way to deal with these idiots is by tiring them out through diversionary tactics. If the Congress is really smart, they will make an “announcement” that the US ambassador will be invited to sit in on cabinet meetings, “just as an observer”.

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