“sadly, it all came down to a typo”

Selective Amnesia is back in action. Vesana claims that the problem was all because of a “typo”. Of course, given CCG’s record, I am going to assume that it was his typo. Come on CCG! Give us the details! And acknowledge the debt of gratitude that you owe to us spelling Nazis, a k a cartel members. Who knows which other disasters you have been saved from because someone corrected your spelling…

6 thoughts on ““sadly, it all came down to a typo”

  1. Not my typo. I have publically made a fuul of myself. But I will not go to the extant of spoiling my oun syte.

    And I still don’t have a frigging clue of what exactly happened. All I know is what you know.

  2. Bear in mind also, that some of India’s best brands are typos.

    Heard of Kwality Walls?

    Hero Honda Karizma is a ncie example

    Who the hell knows what Rin means?

  3. So Ravages, are you saying that the job of a copywriter is to take correct spellings and wrong them (if correct can be a verb why is wrong wrong?) to generate brand names?

  4. Well, I have done that. I mean, wrong a correct spelling to do a brand name. It went through everything the client could put at it. But it so happened that the same brand name was used in the UK or some place.

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