Attention everyone

  • It is obliged, not obligated
  • It is uninterested and not disinterested, unless you mean disinterested, in which case it is disinterested and not uninterested. If you don’t know which is the right one, then use uninterested, because if you know what disinterested means, you will know the difference.
  • It is almost always alternatively and not alternately.

11 thoughts on “Attention everyone

  1. People usually mean ‘obliged’ even when they use ‘obligated’. But that is not to say that ‘obligated’ should never be used!

  2. Well… this is what I got from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary.

    verb, 1. compel legally or morally
    2. us, commit (assets) as security

    adjective, biology, restricted to a particular function or mode of life.

    As is evident, one of the verb forms is an americanism. The first interpretation seems to be a proper English meaning.

  3. Well in this case you’d feel obliged to do so… – unless, quite literally tune mujhe wrong prove karne ka theka le rakha hai (i.e. if you have a contractual obligation to prove me wrong, you are obligated to prove me wrong.)

  4. Another common mistake americans make is “momentarily” when they should say “in a moment”, as in, the flight will be here momentarily….

  5. Sandeep: “re” indicates that it is not the first occasion. If you iterate something, you say it. If you reiterate something, you say it again.

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