Crying Up and Down

The last two posts by the Jagadguru are a pleasure to read  imbibe*:

 Before some media sucker starts crying up and down, I just want to educate such fools that they have only mentioned the publication where such a study was reported and it is different from the scientific publication where such a study was published in the first place. If you have trouble even recognizing this, go swear at your parents for not offering you a good education and don’t whine here. (source)

Only in India such blatant racism can get away with support from the so called “educated” people. It needs to be condemned strongly. Shameful and Disgusting.(source)

*I can do one better than Nilu

4 thoughts on “Crying Up and Down

  1. Ravi,

    I am slightly mystified. The Jagadguru is omnicognizant. But He has not pointed out the Sexism implicit in that CNN-IBN headline either. The fools have mentioned the sex of the suspects also.

  2. Jagath-kedi-guru second post was hilarious. he suffers from rectal cranial inversion. poor soul.

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