Why Modi will not be Prime Minister

Issue 10 - Jan 2008

The January edition of Pragati is marred by the inclusion of my article which explains why India’s political system  will not allow Narendra Modi to be Prime Minister, why that is set to change and why that is a good thing.  Best of all, it does all this without mentioning Modi once. The rest of the edition is a good read. Go forth, download and subscribe!

5 thoughts on “Why Modi will not be Prime Minister

  1. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of structure in write-up. Maybe it was the lack of something else. It did not seem to have a coherent flow.

    Or, maybe I was expecting something seminal in a magazine.

  2. You are lecturing on how to write well, Nilu? That’s rich. Your articles in the Indian Express are shining examples of incoherence.

  3. Since my blog has been taken over by Pakistani hackers, I have now decided, this is will be where I hold fort.

    And, richness too.

  4. So newspapers are carrying articles by bloggers? 🙁

    Yeah these glossies released by this coterie of Indian bloggers have pedestrian writing at best.

    Also, guys please refrain from using the thesaurus and dropping words into sentences out of context. Words might have the same meaning but there are conventional usages for each one of them.

    Ravikiran is probably the least showy and the better writer of the lot. No, I am not sucking up to him and neither am I handing out compliments. I just like his writing and it brings me back here.

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