A Familiar Story

Disparities between cities and villages are widening. Village land is under the chokehold of government officials, who behave like petty landlords. Agricultural land is being taken away for development projects with no compensation to farmers, because farmers do not have any real rights over their land. The excuse given for denying farmers rights over their land is that if they can freely own and sell their land, the current shortage of arable land will worsen. But in practice, farm land is being given away anyway, so the restriction only means that farmers don’t get anything from the development.

We are of course talking about China.  While agents of China seek to bring about a Maoist revolution and collective farming in India, Chinese peasants are asking for their land to be privatized.

3 thoughts on “A Familiar Story

  1. Inequality is definitely rising in China.

    Of the four countries – the US, China, Brazil and India – Brazil has the worst inequality and India has the least inequality. I don’t know in which direction it is going in India. The stats that I read didn’t tell me that.

  2. How funny is your article.
    I am a chinese.
    When I read this article, I can immediatedly obtain the conclusion – the author has never been to China and what he understands about china is just depending on the western media.
    You are right, the land of some chinese farmers are robbed without enough compensation and a few of chinese farmers cannot get benefit from China development. But it should be noted that it is a few of farmers, not all chinese farmers.
    Some of your description of China is too funny and far away from the reality. What they occured may be 30 years ago, so you cannot convince others, especially the readers who have ever been to China.
    Therefore you ‘d better buy a ticket and go to china for konowing China well.
    Anyway, I also can help you know more China and help you leave the stereotype of China in your imagination.

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