These Gults are Crazy

Some genius has introduced a detergent branded Triple-X  in the local market. I keep hearing ads for it on FM, invariably in Telugu.  I have not been able to divine if this is an elaborate spoof.

6 thoughts on “These Gults are Crazy

  1. these gults are real horny
    back in IIT i remember they used to rush to lay their hands on “swati” as soon as it arrived
    only to lech at the suggestive illustrations in that

  2. Which makes this all the more puzzling. It means that there is at least one gult who does not know what triple-x means. Or it means that there is a market for porn-themed brands among gult housewives…

  3. you are making fun of a group from a veil.
    I think you have never been admonished by your parents.
    Stop your antics and learn to respect women

  4. Ravi, I chanced on your blog yesterday and I was very impressed. Still am actually. However this post looks odd to me.

    Someone has named a detergent thus, why does that invoke you to call the entire gult community crazy, I wonder.

    @skimpy: I just glanced at your blog. It looks like your IQ is definitely taller than a grasshopper. Why then would you label gult guys who lech at women in ‘Swati’ of all magazines as horny. I remember seeing this magazine in my relatives’ place. The tagline I think was ‘Saparavari Patrika’ meaning a magazine for the entire family. Even accounting for magazines are licentious these days, there could hardly be any nude pictures in there.

    I am a Telugu, gult if you will, brought up in a neighbouring state; I never thought of myself as an Andhra patriot. I am posting this comments only in wonder – how, well read people who seem to be capable of thinking straight do seem to make arbitrary judgements about people/communities. Were you guys womanhandled by a gult in your adoloscence, by any chance?! 🙂


  5. When I saw a reference from Amit Verma’s India Uncut, I thought this blog is worth reading. When I read through your latest posts, I was impressed. As I scrolled through the archives.. there I see this cheap a comment on a community… based on detergent name…. sorry to say … you lost my respect…

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