7 thoughts on “Virgle

  1. If you have too much cash that you don’t know how to spend, give it back to the shareholders or spend it on charity.

    Btw google docs is going to win.

  2. Even my hip hop blog Highbrid Nation had to report on project Virgle. If it is indeed real, then it is huge and is major in the area of space exploration. However I fear that it is indeed and elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax. I guess we’ll know for sure if announcements continue after today. Personally I’d love to see the two companies team up considering what they already have done with the Lunar X Prize and Virgin Galactic.

  3. Obviously I got pranked though in my defence I can say that it wasn’t April Fool’s day yet which probably makes me a bigger idiot O_O

  4. i got pranked on uk website iwoot.com saying that a kinetic keyboard turned the energy when you typed into the computer so you didn’t have to have your computer plugged in!

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