The Nominee for the Most Brainless Website Registration Page is…

Airtel. If you want to register with Airtel to pay their bills, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the small box that says “My account” and the smaller link that says “register”.
  3. It will show you a page that asks for a user id, Airtel number, account number and a captcha. You can enter any valid looking phone number there and any junk you want into the account number. These are not validated. Only the captcha is validated.
  4. Once you successfully go past the captcha… a PDF form is displayed. You are supposed to take a printout of that form, fill in all the details by hand, sign it (with signature proof, address proof etc.) and drop it off at an Airtel relationship centre. No, none of the details that you entered in step 3 gets pre-filled into the form.

Why step 3 exists is a mystery to me. Just another example of the phenomenon I talked of here.

8 thoughts on “The Nominee for the Most Brainless Website Registration Page is…

  1. Hi Ravi! Wow! That is so fsking retarded. I just registered with UTI Mutual Funds and once you are done registering their website generates this PDF from all the information that I’ve keyed in, but it:

    1) conveniently skips data that I’ve keyed in to generate the form.

    2) In another PDF it asks me to enter my “Folio Number” but no where in the registration process have I been given a folio number. The morons at support have no clue. They are super interested in peddling to me some hot infrastructure fund with a sky high expense ratio!

    3) Let me not even get started with the technique they use to transfer money online!

  2. Why does 4 exist is an even bigger mystery !!! .. I default every other month because i have to go halfway acrooss town just to submit the printout of this stupid PDF !!!

  3. Well, I haven’t completed the registration process. Do you mean to tell me that after submitting the registration form, they don’t actually register you?

  4. Ummm, they do after you drop of the form but if i remember right, its a 15 day wait period. I gave up on trying, luckily my citibank account allows me to pay the bill directly online.
    But for the life of me, i cant figure out why a Internet Service Provider makes me do all this manual submission and registration, so that i can make online payments!

  5. Just an example of how they really don’t care about the customer. I mean, YOU are giving THEM your money. You don’t even mind paying it online, which should save THEM money.

    And they don’t even want to install a simple payment gateway?

  6. Yes Airtel’s bill payment sucks..

    But I came back to Airtel after trying Reliance, Tata Indicom and BSNL.. because they simply don’t have customer support.. and some arrogant dumbos employed as Nodal officers.

    I think these are 3rd world realities..

    BTW: Out of all the above providers only Tata Indicom has a better online payment option – if you can live with their (lack of) customer support 🙂

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