Pragati in June

The June 2008 edition of Pragati is out and I shamefully realise that in the last two months I have announced the publication of Pragati without making an atrocious pun. How could I have not made a pun in May? Anyway,  please grab your copy of the June Pragati before it becomes Juna.

All the articles are awesomely good this time, even though one of them has been written by Aadisht. I will never forgive him for sending an article on the importance of Financial Sector Reform that was double the nominal word limit. I deserve a medal for cutting it down to its current size, so don’t make my effort go waste. Go read it.  It explains the Percy Mistry and the Rajan committee reports very well. More importantly, he explains very lucidly why financial reform is important if we wish to reduce inequality and enable inclusive growth.

5 thoughts on “Pragati in June

  1. Related: I got the impression that Aadisht’s write-up was a bit jarring — in spite of it being very informative. Not sure if the write-up needed more work in itself or if the editing made it that.

  2. I actually don’t think so. I think the article flows pretty well. But if it is, I take responsibility for that. It is likely to be due to the editing cuts.

  3. I thought it was well written, and now that we know it was much longer, also well edited.

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