Private Players in Higher Education Are Corrupt! How Horrifying!

Our current problem is not that there are no private players, but that they have among them too many crooks, politicians and thugs whose primary motive is demonstrably something other than education. So the real issue is this: What changes do we need in our regulatory structure so as to attract the ‘right’ sort of private players — philanthropists — to enter the education sector in larger numbers? How do we keep the undesirable kind from poisoning the pool? (nanopolitan)

Bzzt. Already answered. Next question please.

6 thoughts on “Private Players in Higher Education Are Corrupt! How Horrifying!

  1. I think the issue is a bit different, in that the stakes involved in education are way higher. According to you, the responsibilities for cost-benefit analysis should be devolved onto the individual students who are the actual stake-holders. OTOH Abi seems to think that people are far too foolish to decide for themselves. And that the only way to prevent many students from potentially ruining their economic security etc. by paying too much for ineffective/detrimental education is by Government, composed of/aided by “reasonable people” explicitly eliminating some of the institutions. Here, of course “reasonable” means having the same world view as Abi.

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