Beyond Parody

Yeah, I know that I should stop picking on random people on the net and argue with more substantive points, but…

But the Indian farmers who refuse to give up their land – and thwarted plans to build the world’s cheapest car in West Bengal — know one thing. As long as they have their land, their fate depends on the weather and the harvest. Once they leave their land, they face even greater uncertainties — from the job market to the world economy. Just like Singaporeans today. (Abhijit)

I suppose certain poverty is infinitely more preferable than fluctuating prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Beyond Parody

  1. Actually, not anymore. The women of the house have banished me from the bedroom and as much as I try to be an involved dad by rushing to change nappies, they don’t let me in, on the grounds that I have a cold and I will infect my son. So I am jobless and have only the laptop for company.

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