Election Predictions

I won’t make any, because I think that it is impossible to predict elections in India, but I think that Mayawati becoming the Prime Minister is the best case scenario. With our fiscal condition being what it is, in another year or so, we will have a Seldon crisis that will close off all options except the one that will lead to Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

10 thoughts on “Election Predictions

  1. Hi

    New to your blog, but please tell me you were being sarcastic when you said
    “I think that Mayawati becoming the Prime Minister is the best case scenario.”

    Why “Best case” anyway?Any hidden agenda of using oxymoron for humour?

  2. This reminds me Ravi can you please write on the crappiness of last books of foundation series which introduce Gaia.*

    Even prelude, and forward are crappy but for some reason I don’t hate it that much.

  3. Yeah I know Asimov sold his soul to corporate greed that plus he had a thing for central planning. This is why you should be reading Heinlein.

  4. I prefer a sincere and honest man to be the prime minister of our country in the next Lok Sabha Elections and that is none other than myself, because to be honest with you all my friends, no idiot of this country has the real potential and uncompromising integrity to lead us and hence a self governance will be ideal and rewarding.

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