More Bad Luck With Home Appliances

Dilip D’ Souza’s run of bad luck with his home appliances continues. I would like to request his mysterious emailers not to remind him of the concept of survivorship bias at such sensitive times. In any case don’t use such ungrammatical language when doing so.

3 thoughts on “More Bad Luck With Home Appliances

  1. Not all of this stuff is to be explained by survivorship bias. Some of it is quite simply because many modern appliances have evolved to have greater functionality and perhaps as a result of that, have more sensitive parts embedded in them.
    I have a refrigerator at home that has been going on for 27 years now (and still doing just fine, hasn’t even been serviced once). But guess what.. it has no defrost capability, no instant ice-maker, plenty of CFCs, temperature controller is a knob, shelves can’t be adjusted.. I can go on and on. No wonder it doesn’t break down.
    I don’t have the book at hand, but one of the books in Hitchhiker’s Guide series describes an amazing radio-like device which is terribly advanced and all that.. and you can tune it with just a wave of your hands. The problem? If you want to listen to any station for more than a couple of seconds, you have to sit “infuriatingly still” (I think I got that quote right) because the slightest movement on your part would end up changing the frequency setting.

  2. You only read DDD’s posts when he complains about his appliances breaking down. When he praises his functional appliances, you don’t notice. This causes you to infer that he has a “run of bad luck with his home appliances “. Balderdash, its all just survivorship bias.

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