Explaining My Absence

Ravi Kiran

I’m emailing you on behalf of a UK marketing agency Stickyeyes.com. Having noticed your blog has a Google Pagerank of 4 we are looking to potentially purchase your blog: My Examined Life.

Would you be willing to sell this web property outright?

Please email me at p*.r*@st****.com and let me know. I can also be contacted on 0113 *** ****

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly
SEO Manager

How much should I charge? As my selling out will naturally be a great loss to humanity, I am open to a counter offer from humanity.

6 thoughts on “Explaining My Absence

  1. So you sell out and yet continue writing. The company gets to advertise on your blog and everyone’s happy. Is that right?

  2. Were you trying to obfuscate the mail ID? If I hover the mouse over it, the actual ID is displayed in status bar.

  3. Well what can one expect from a capitalist upper caste middle class misogynist pig like you to sell out your conscience for a few dollars. I bet Big D will never do that.

    Shame on you Sir ! I hope Jagadguru names you as the “worst person of the world”.

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