8 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. That’s okay. The trolls can keep posting comments on “Attention North Indians” anyway.

    Good luck with the impending and important delivery.

  2. I agree with Gaurav about the curiousness of the wording.

    Having said that, let me add my own conspiracy theory about your absence, for no purpose but to needle you into writing a post. Is it because you are unable to defend your libertarian values under the current situation that you are hiding behind this ‘delivery’?

    I am surprised, indeed amused, to watch all the vocal members of the cartel suddenly transmogrify into turtles ever since the financial cris(i/e)s. It is disheartening to watch the vocal champions and the courageous souls who had taken it upon themselves to defend their, their maid’s, and her hairdresser’s taxes against misuse not uttering a squeak about the bailout plan. I mean even though you guys, with the exception of Gaurav (Sabnis), do not pay taxes in the US, I am sure somewhere, deep inside, your ideological being must be itching to allow the banks to fail and ‘creative’ tandav nritya play itself out. Why aren’t we unlibertarianised heathens not hearing any gospel about it? Surely, the proselytizing is not complete? Farmers are still dying in Vidarbha you know.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am glad for myself and billions of others that libertarians (Wolf, McArdle, Cowen, and Co.) are abandoning their ideology in droves and supporting the bailout plan.

    It’s just that us unenlightened souls would have liked to hear some sermon from the cartelian libertarian Gods about how this financial crisis and the support lent to the bail-out plan by the libertarian clergy is Gods’ way of showing us the Right path, except that us ignorant fools need to open our eyes, hearts and minds to experience something beyond our Left side. Something on the lines of the creationists’ argument that God planted those millions of years old fossils to test humans’ faith in Him would be enough for us hanger-ons to keep affirming our faith at the altar of libertarianism O’ Great Seer.

    Jokes apart, it was truly amazing to observe those who had worn their ideological blinkers proudly until their stock portfolio was performing well and retirement savings intact, defend their support for the bail-out plan. I mean for Fuck’s sake these are the same people who have the Animal Farm memorised! And yet the cliched adage/analogy they use to attack left wingers, “four legs good, two legs bad” was not used by any of them to explain why Banks need a bailout while others in the economy are undeserving of any of it.

  3. Congrats Ravi!

    Long time since I have been here.

    Chetan, its a good wishes thread. Let it go. “Free” markets are done. Now they will come up with something new to serve the powerful.

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