Loss of Strategic Focus at The Maanga

There was a time when The Maanga used to focus on puking and used to puke very well. Sadly, by mindlessly diversifying its portfolio, it has lost focus.  By trying to mix puking with intelligent commentary, it has ended up doing neither.

A puke is like a surgical strike. To be successful, it has to be well-planned. You have to not only injure the target, but devastate it in the first attempt. Once you are done with it, you should be back in safe, well-defended territory. If you fail at these,  your battle is apt to go awry.  Your alternatives will be to call in reinforcements to defend a weak position or to stage a difficult retreat.  Neither choice is pretty.

A case in point is Avataram declaring that Ajay Shah is a moron  and then following it up with a search for reasons to back up his point.

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