A Modest Proposal to Cut Inflation

Our esteemed Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, has precisely the right solution. High salaries to employees of  Multinational Corporations is the cause of inflation. Giving salaries to too many people causes them to chase goods pushing up their prices. Instead, salaries at the low levels should be cut and it should be increased at the highest levels. That will reduce inflation in two ways. First, the consumption basket of the rich is different. The likes of Anil and Mukesh Ambani do not compete with the poor people as much as people like me do for their consumption basket. Second, super-rich people save more than merely rich people,  putting downward pressure on prices.

Increasing income disparity is just the right approach to controlling inflation.

These Turkish Are Crazy

Via my cousin-in-law’s twitter feed, I came across an awesome story  of misunderstanding, stupidity, revenge and true love made possible only by the magic of technology. 

Update: A helpful comment  on the above story tells me that the innocent word in question “s?k???nca” literally means “in a squeeze”.  The word reminds me of the Hindi word “shikhanja” which has a similar meaning. It is entirely possible that Hindi borrowed the word from Turkish. In that case, our failure to borrow the other word represents a huge missed opportunity to tackle our population problem.