Kaizad Gustad’s arrest

Whatever your views on Kaizad Gustad’s arrest, can we all agree that by stopping his film in its tracks, providence has done us all an unexpected favour?

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  1. there seems to be an uncanny resemblance between what happened in Mumbai recently and this book… could some of the book not be fiction?

    Compensation for Film Director as ‘Hurtful’ Novel Is Withdrawn
    By Jan Colley, PA News
    Thu 15 Jan 2004

    Award-winning film director Kaizad Gustad today accepted undisclosed compensation over a novel about a

    drug-smuggling film-maker called Faizad Gerstad who is implicated in murder.

    Mr Gustad, who made a widely acclaimed feature film called Bombay Boys, brought High Court libel proceedings

    against William Rhode, the author of Paperback Raita, and publishers Simon & Schuster (UK) Ltd.

    His solicitor-advocate, Korieh Duodu, told Mr Justice Eady in London that the two men were good friends but

    lost touch when Mr Rhode left India in 1996.

    He said that Mr Gustad was deeply hurt by the book as the characteristics which its anti-hero, Faizad Gerstad,

    shared with him led his family, friends and acquaintances to associate them.

    Mr Duodu said that in the book, Gerstad smuggled drugs in order to fund his film projects and attempted to

    make a film called Bombay Boys with Channel 4 Films but the project collapsed.

    Gerstad was also implicated in the murder of his business partner Ajay, but was subsequently cleared of the crime.

    Mr Duodu said that Mr Gustad had never smuggled drugs or been implicated in murder. His film, Bombay

    Boys, was not made with Channel 4.

    Solicitor David Hooper said that the book was written by the author as a work of fiction and contained a notice to

    that effect on the copyright page.

    The publishers had no knowledge of the coincidence of the contentious names and circumstances when it was

    published – as a trade paperback in 2002 and a mass market paperback in 2003.

    When complaint was made, the book was promptly withdrawn.

    It went without saying that they accepted that there was no basis in fact for any resemblance between Mr Gustad’s

    character and actions in life and the objectionable traits of the fictitious Gerstad.

    The publishers and the author apologised for any embarrassment or distress caused.

    Mr Hooper said that, in his attempt to paint an Indian backdrop to his novel, Mr Rhode drew too closely on

    reality and his experiences of eight years previously.

    Although published with good faith, the author accepted, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was a misjudgment

    to believe that no connection would be made between Mr Gustad and Gerstad.

  2. I love the book Paperback Raita!
    Because of it I’d love to go to India!
    Whether Kaizad did that stuff or not he sounds very cool.

  3. He surely is a murderer! He lives and begs off people. He uses them and then kills them. One day what goes round will come round so keep waiting Kaizad Bastaaard!

  4. It is amazing that Kaizad won that libel case. The judge cleary has no idea what his life is really like. Perhaps he should have checked his numerous assets and ask where such an unsuccessful filmmaker got all his money?? Kaizad is one of the world’s greatest opportunists…

  5. Kaizad is the biggest sucker in this universe….he takes advantage of his friends – and can be a terrible ‘leech’ in his actions.

    Serves him right…I am sure we will see a terrible end in the offing !

    He could be named Kaizad Fustad !…with the Gustad he has added also ….all fake !

  6. I would say that Mr Gustad is a person who is totally committed to the genre of film and should be respected on that basis alone.
    Like his films or not, it is due to people like him developing new ideas and challenging established ideals, that keep the industry fresh.
    The film business can be tough and unforgiving. Kaizad is a good guy and has had some tough breaks, but keeps bouncing back. He’s irrepressible, and if you have the chance to meet him, i’m sure you’d find him on the whole to be one of the good guys.

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