A sinking feeling

If I have understood this correctly, earth has been nicely climate controlled for our benefit. First, the plants evolved which would convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. This made it possible for beings which only consume oxygen without producing any to evolve. Yes I know that things are more complicated than this, i.e. plants first evolved under water, etc.

But you know, I am an engineer by training and I am overwhelmed. Theists keep telling us that we should look at the complexity of creation and feel humble because nothing we have built can match the complexity of that which has been created by God. Well yes, if it has been indeed been created by God, but how do you think an engineer will feel when he finds that all this has happened by means of a natural process?

Yes, I have read the The Blind Watchmake: and I am familiar with all the arguments Dawkins has made so well. I agree completely with them. Intellectually that is.

But Dawkins mentioned in the preface that his book had two objectives. The first was to convince readers that there is a problem that needs explaining. The problem is that of complex design. The second was to resolve the mystery.

I can’t help feeling that he has done such a good job of the first that he will fail in his second with a lot of his readers.

4 thoughts on “A sinking feeling

  1. Ravikiran, I see that Google AdWords is throwing up links to Biblical creationist websites as a result of your recent posts. I hereby demand that you be expelled from the High Council of the AthCapLibs.

  2. I do not believe in God, but I do believe in Google’s omnisicience. So if they are showing you creationist ads, they must be right and hence, beyond question

  3. So, Google AdWords created the universe so that the universe could eventually create Google AdWords?

    On a more serious note, try to get Life’s Other Secret by Ian Stewart. It fills in some of the holes that Dawkins left.

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