Why didn’t the dogs bark?

When the country was distracted by the tsunami, the government took the decision to move ahead with the privatisation of Mumbai and Delhi Airports. The communists protested of course, but no one bothered with them because everyone was more concerned about the tsunami than about that bunch of retards. But, look God, if you really want to implement my idea, could you do it without all the loss of life?

Also I am wondering why the retards haven’t said anything about repeal of Press Note 18. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Why didn’t the dogs bark?

  1. The beneficiaries of press note 18 were rich and greedy domestic corporations, rather joint ventures between the former and plundering multinationals.
    The poor retards were confused as to what to hate more.

    Now if it was an honest-to-goodness regulation that stifles all evil business alike, then one’d be talkin.

  2. Your explanation makes sense. Hence it must be wrong. We are talking of communists here remember? They have consistently opposed MNCs regardless of the issue.

  3. Ravi,

    I have a question for you. In the U.S the republicans are called conservatives while the democrats are called liberals. If my understanding is right, they are called so as per their stand on how much the state should spend. This kind of sounds very awkward to me. Why I say this is because, the republicans, the champions of free market would be considered liberalisers and modernists if only they were in India. I think conservatism is not the term that we would use for somebody like Manmohan Singh or Chidabaram. Is my confusion on this issue clear or is my understanding wrong somewhere?

  4. If I may answer your question Lakshmi,the reason why Republicans are called “conservatives” is because of their fiscal conservatism. That they also happen to portray themselves as social conservatives is a trick that Karl Rove and his predecessors have perfected to win elections.

    And don’t forget the origin of the “conservative” Republican party was actually in the form of the “Abolitionists” who wanted to end slavery – not a conservative position in 1850’s by any stretch of imagination.

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