The Design Feedback Loop

Aadisht, who I have annointed one of the smartest Cartelians, is on to something in this post. I think that we can generalize the problem. In India, we are poor at closing the design feedback loop. We are good at theory. We have very good practical thinkers, but we do badly when it comes to formulating theories based on practice and then applying the theory to see if it works in practice.

I could think of many structural reasons for this, but I am short of time and want to stir up controversy, so I will blame the caste system. The Brahminical attitude that thinkers and actors should be different is responsible for this.

4 thoughts on “The Design Feedback Loop

  1. Even I think the problem is a more general one. Household appliances were what I talked about because badly designed household items have led to personal inconvenience for me. Construction is another example which I will write about if I find the time.

    I personally blame cheap labour.

  2. Dear Devotee,

    I respectfully suggest that you discard such ‘theories’ in favour of a discussion of incentives.

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