11 thoughts on “Beware of Imposters!

  1. The former makes more political sense than any of the ‘libertarian’ bloggers who seem to be slaves of their ideology. The latter, well I have never heard of him. Doesn’t seem to be related to ISKCON either.

  2. I am sure you are joking. Actually I don’t go to too many Indian blogs except yours and a few others. So I don’t know the internal politics going on these days.

  3. I object! Jagadguru doesn’t make sense, if he did, he would no longer be Jagadguru, but an ordinary mortal like us. Blasphemy !

  4. He does make sense. But he sounds American in his concerns and is a little ahead of the Indian English-speaking new rich/upper class/chattering classes. But Indians have always been a bit behind. Sadly.

  5. One reason to suspect Jagadguru is that he is brahmin and his close relatives are members of Communist Brotherhood.

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