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  1. the logic is kinda screwed. 19 days pregnant and she will not know it until say 19+14 days, then she wont know she is pregnant for 33 days and not 19 as this link seems to indicate.

    or else is it a virgin can be 19 days pregnant and she wont know it?

    the statement is misleading. its actually logically flawed.

  2. i of course assume that it is possible for a virgin to have sex and yet remain a virgin. and this case applies only to virgins. the logic there on when one isnt a virgin is not looked into.

  3. No I mean that she won’t know that she was 19 days pregnant till she is, say 45 days pregnant… She is not a virgin when she knows that she is pregnant.

  4. Yes, I find it ‘interesting’ that the “# of days” a woman is considered pregnant also includes the growth of unmated egg inside her. The count starts from the first day of a women’s 28 day cycle. The ovulation and potential mating happens in the 14th day of her cycle.

    So what you say is (approx) right. A virgin could get ‘screwed’ on day 14/15 and find out on day 30. But extending your line of thought also leads one to conclude that virgins have a miscarriage once every month.

  5. Hawkeye, bingo!

    Ya, 19 days is the outlier, but not so much of an outlier – Ovulaton happens on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, and fertilization can take place for upto 2 days after that. Add 3 days of the onset of menstruation itself and we have 19 days.

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  7. How about South Indian virgins? Do they remain virgins longer than North Indian ones?

    And you should definitely help out the Tourism Department of India.

  8. Dear Ravikiran & commenters,

    Your conception of virginity is incorrect. Virginity is a state of mind.

    Please review your numbers in the light of this definition.

  9. There are lots of ways a “virgin” could get pregnant without being aware of it. First — and this probably happens for a lot of “virgins” — she might not be aware of the mechanics of infant production. It would be interesting to tally the number of people who’ve gotten pregnant without knowing how baby-making works.

    Second: unconsciousness, either natural (asleep — VERY asleep) or unnatural (anesthetized or drunk).

    And, of course, parthenogenesis. How many innocent men have been duped into marriage by women who’ve used the time-honored tricks of single-celled organisms to get themselves in a family way? It’s a tragedy.

  10. Ha ha ha!! interesting post!

    This post reminded me of an incident in which a “virgin” got pregnant (reasons unknown) and she didnt come to know about it till seven months that she was pregnant; she thought that she was putting on weight (err!) and she managed to hide the bump becos she was already fat. This incident occured in a village in kerala.

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