Unclear on the Concept

None of this is to suggest, of course, that women are as a group, more likely to be concerned about women’s rights than men (or, in other words, the probability that a given individual will be sympathetic towards gender issues is higher if that individual is a woman). That, sadly, is still true. But one must guard against the fallacy of division that ascribes this property to every woman. That’s why the notion of the ‘first woman president’ is a largely meaningless one [1]. We have little or no reason to expect that a woman who is president will be, simply by the fact of being a woman, more responsive to gender issues than a man would be in her place [2]. (2x3x7)

One must also guard against the tendency to post Wikipedia links without actually reading them.

5 thoughts on “Unclear on the Concept

  1. This is a great idea – if one runs out of ideas for blog posts, one can always write posts attack other bloggers’ posts 😉 I can see how this will provide an unending supply of blog posts.

    While I did not agree with Falstaff’s point in his post, I don’t see how his wiki reference was inappropriate. What am I missing?

  2. And yet you refuse to attack cartel, despite my insinuations, supplications and plain old baiting. What is this world coming to.

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