Rajiv Gandhi and Hindustani Classical Music

Today is the anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi’s death, an event I would have blissfully ignored if the cable had not gone out in the morning and we had to switch to Doordarshan for a brief period. Entirely coincidentally, today I decided to change the CD in my car’s music system that was playing the same set of Kishore Kumar songs again and again. I felt like having some Hindustani vocal. That naturally brings up the question: How much damage did the government do to Indian classical music by switching to it during periods of “national mouring”?

5 thoughts on “Rajiv Gandhi and Hindustani Classical Music

  1. So much damage that my wife doesn’t allow me play Hindustani Classical (especially Saarang, Shehnai and Violin) at home – she thinks it is meant for mourning..

    Exception is given to Sitar though..!

    At the same time she doesn’t complain much abt Carnatic Music even if the Vocalists from Madaras kill Sanskrit/Telugu/Kannada languages all in a span of 30 minutes.. 🙂

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