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Yesterday I caught an interesting ad for the Lok Satta Party on some Telugu channel. It depicts a family obviously in poverty. Their hands are in cuffs.  Two extended hands appear, one of them offering rice and the other offering some other food which I did not catch. The family shakes their heads, refusing. Then Jayaprakash Narayan, head of the party shows up, and he too extends his hand, only it is revealed that he has keys in his hands. Nice, crisp and effective message.

Lok Satta has been running quite a serious campaign here in Hyderabad. Any idea where they are getting  funding from? Perhaps their  web site  answers the question, but a quick glance reveals this, which does not tell me much about the composition of their sources.

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  1. To my knowledge, they are collecting funds from individuals duly issuing perfect receipts for even a small amount of Rs.100/-
    Moreover, the donar can verify the fact that his donation has reached the party or not subsequently by making a phone call.

    It is really a good begining for clean politics. I found the way selected is really appreciable. I hope it becomes a silent revolution across the country.

  2. i am rammohan from guntakal ,
    i am working in loksatta as a consteny incharge . In our party we dont have polytics but some one is doing polytics in our party ,i have been doing programees for one year in many problems as a
    we have done programmes about to control dall , rice , helping poor students by paying feeses , providing bus passes , pensions providing to the old citizens etc
    now we are striving for framers to get crop loans .

  3. Dear Ravikiran Rao,
    The Add Which you seen is Political Dram to get votes from the public.
    If he is great leader he should not break Party agenda items Particularly framed by him for LOKSATTA. It seems that you have not gone through a month back news paper in which he has expressed his opinion regarding “NOT TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST A LADY TREASURY OFFICIAL WHO INVOLVED IN Rs 2.5 Cr SCAM OF SOCIAL WELFARE GRANTS IN W.G.DiST.” In view of the facts believing Political Leaders is merely waste tough they are IAS , IPS.

  4. hi, i like very much perfect clean and honest party that is LOKSATTA, It is really a good begining for clean politics.I really proud of my self why means such a great person being Indian, non of the great Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan.Thank you very much sir, I inspired you sir, if you gave me chance i worked for your party. thank you very much sir.

  5. sir once i want to talk to sir jayaprakesh narayana garu pls, i have some ideas, i want to share with him, pls sir, pls,
    me waiting for your appointment.

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