Relived: The Broken Life

The following things have suffered breakdowns in my life in the past week or so:

  1. My cell-phone: Entirely my fault. I was on vacation and sitting at my in-laws. In a fit of joblessness, I started exploring its various features and somehow managed to lock my sim card. Fortunately, that was easily rectified.
  2. My watch: I was returning from my vacation lugging a heavy bag. While loading it into the bus, the strap of the bag got into a fierce embrace with the strap of my watch and took it down with it.
  3. My car: I don’t know what’s its excuse. I return from said vacation and I find that the steering is giving me trouble. Haven’t found time to fix it.
  4. My doorknob: I don’t know how I managed to break the door knob, but I did. Now if I shut the door from inside, I need to spend as much time and burn as much calories as I would if I worked out at the gym.