Why do I go on blogging breaks so often?

Sometimes,  blogging slows down because of unavoidable reasons – work, family or travel interfere.  Other times, what happens is that I get fixated on a particular long post that I want to write. Usually, it is a bad idea for me  to write posts. It is the posts that write themselves.  So, when this long post refuses to write itself, I end up writing a few lines every day, with the result that a few days later, I think that the post is a complete mess, and needs to be rewritten. The prospect daunts me, and I don’t have time. So, I am stuck in a loop.

The worst is when a combination of the two reasons happen. Work forces me into a reasonably long break, and then I decide that when I come back, my first post just has to be about some recent event – like the elections, Article 377, or about Manmohan Singh’s capitulation in Egypt, or something. Then the post refuses to write itself, and I am stuck in another loop, and then another event occurs that absolutely has to be written about.

The solution is to first, get out of the topicality trap. I may write about the elections or article 377, but it will be when I choose to. If my post on the election is worth reading, it will be worth reading even if I write it a year after the election. Second, I should adopt the Fire and Motion strategy.  As long as I keep writing some short post every day, The Examined Life will maintain the momentum and the longer posts will write themselves.

Or, the second point may backfire – I may keep writing the short posts and never write the long one. But at any rate, I don’t see how things can be worse than these long shutdowns of my blog.

Explaining My Absence

Ravi Kiran

I’m emailing you on behalf of a UK marketing agency Having noticed your blog has a Google Pagerank of 4 we are looking to potentially purchase your blog: My Examined Life.

Would you be willing to sell this web property outright?

Please email me at p*.r*@st****.com and let me know. I can also be contacted on 0113 *** ****

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly
SEO Manager

How much should I charge? As my selling out will naturally be a great loss to humanity, I am open to a  counter offer from humanity.


I have made a couple of overdue upgrades to the site:

  1. Long months ago, I made a tryst with my readers and today the time has come when I have redeemed my pledge.  When the upgrade to 4.0 started, I had promised my readers that my old permalinks would continue to remain valid. Now they are. I have redirected all of them to the new permalinks. That will also help me get google juice that used to get directed to those links.
  2. WordPress has been upgraded to v 2.3.1. I can now use tags. I don’t know what else I can use, but there you are.