Blog Mela voting is up

Sorry for the delay in putting up the poll. The delay was caused because Shanti Aunty insisted on getting experts from Florida to vet the design of the voting system, in order to ensure that the high standards we have come to expect from the Bharateeya Blog Mela are maintained. Questions about why some of the contestants are linked and others are not and why some of the links are not working, should not be directed at Shanti, as she is already suffering from a nervous breakdown from the strain of finding a poll that would take so many options.

Those rare souls who wish to read the entries before voting are requested to head over here to do so. Others may proceed

I will find some way of fitting the poll into my side bar. Till then, however, if you wish to bus your supporters to vote, you can direct them to this post or send them directly to the URL

If you face any problems in voting, it means that the system has determined that you are thinking of committing fraud. Clear your mind of dirty thoughts and try again.

(Update: Voting will go on till Sunday, the tenth day of October A. D. 2004 1800 hours Indian Standard Time)

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