Please welcome Seven Times Six (sometimes confused with Six times Seven) as a guestblogger here. He (or she) will be blogging here through November and December.

Regular readers will know that she (or he) is a frequent commenter on this blog and the only person to ever have defeated me in an argument. He (or She) claims to be a libertarian, but from what I’ve known, her (or his) philosophy admits of a lots of exceptions.

In his (or her) own words:

“I am a libertarian, an atheist, and most importantly I believe that all the world’s problems are due to
1. blind faith
2. ethical conceit/evangelism
3. faulty-knowledge conceit/evangelism.”

She (or he) also has problems with people misunderstanding his (or her) name

“Now, while I didn’t think so at first, it seems that’s a confusing name. Many people inconsiderately call me six times seven for example. Forgetting that while
multiplication is commutative, last names and first names are not.

Some people are even more inconsiderate, and quite politically-incorrectly point out that my name doesn’t sound like a “proper” name.”

So all you readers feel free to read seven_times_six’s posts and make life difficult for her (or him).

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