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“Our agenda is the nuclear deal and not the stability of the government or an early or late election. We are opposed to the deal because we think it is not in the interest of the country,” CPI-M politburo member Sitaram Yechury told media persons in New Delhi. (Rediff)

Mr. Yechury did not clarify which country he was referring to.

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  1. rediff is openly acting like just another Illuminati agent. US wants the nuke deal because:

    1. monopolize nuke trade inIndia
    2. contain any similar Russian-indian agreement
    3. infiltrate indian nuke agencies so that we can’t create any secret nuclear arsenal in future.

    Russian nuclear agencies have always secretly/openly helped India in our nuclear program. Now they need cash and joint development prospects to enter a new era(post missile shield) of new cold war. India was their best option and US knows that. Russia(now also China) is the biggest obstacle before US(CFR/Builderberg/PNAC) goal of GLObal DOmination. They know that if Russia gets a chance(money/joint dev) they will delay this from happening by several decades(atleast) . So they are pursuing it harder. a stronger China/Russia is in India’s interest because US will always feel our need to counter China.

    US wants to use India as a counterbalance against China, and this is very dangerous. Not because of China,
    its to be noted that China haven’t attacked Taiwan in all these years. Unlike US who have engaged all its enemies
    in history whether directly or indirectly.

    It is also interesting to note that US national debt is almost 60-70%(maybe a lil more not less) which is 9.3 Trillion {http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/faq.html}dollars, ever heard that. Now hold back for a sec and think a country which is under foreign debt upto its neck is so keen in ‘spreading democracy’ around the World that they are consider the Military draft again (1st time since vietnam). NOW TELL ME…IS ABOUT DEMOCRACY?? IS U.S. SPREADING DEMOCRACY??

    how about its allies Saudi Arabia, Israel’s civilian bombings in Gaza, HR records Ex-U.S. partner in Glob War on Terror Uzbekistan, bullying on Iran, and how about darFuR Sudan??

    that clearly indicates US’s goal is not freedom/democracy, than WHAT IS IT? ever wondered about these little things?

    Even the 9-11 confession tapes where the alleged mastermind confessed, were destroyed by CIA!! WTF
    and ordered by BUSH!!!! WTFF

    the Us millitary/industrial lobby has only one objective, global Domination, Global slavery. Ever heard about RFID chips. Those things will be planted on us and if we continue to follow US dictates in our foreign policy that day will arrive pretty sooner.

    If you find time do a small research on the following subjects. (Yours truly have a bunch of o/l resources, so if you need you may ask)

    1. PNAC (proj for new american century)
    2. neo-cons
    3. NWO(new world order)
    4. Federal Reserve Conspiracy.
    5. G. Edward Griffin (read before wikipedia deletes this article)
    6 Rothschild’s conspiracy.

    ………history was never like what we read……

  2. Ari, forgive me, I totally misjudged you. You are in fact blaming the ZOG. Please allow me to modify my fist comment to “you only forgot ex-King Zog of Albania”.

    >>”you are just another sheeple”

    Forgive me, but I think you are wrong there. “Sheeple” is plural. I can’t be sheeple all on my own. Te word you are looking for is “Sheerson”. Or perhaps “Sheepon”.

  3. I really hope this nuclear deal thing goes away. Initially it was completely tilted against us. It was the agitation by retired and currently working nuclear scientists and security officials that made the government negotiate for better terms. Still the terms are restrictive and if the Russian experience is to go by, such treaties have no value and are easily broken to our disadvantage. They will keep on moving the goal posts until we give up everything. We don’t need this. The status quo works fine and there is chance that events around the globe will provide more opportunities for making gains without giving up anything.

    Of course, the best development would be complete global nuclear disarmament. Yes, I can dream 🙂

  4. Dear Kunal,

    Here is another beautiful example:

    US clauses restrict India from using warship

    New Delhi: It seems India has signed away the right to use its second-biggest warship in the event of war.

    The Comptroller and Auditor General has slammed the UPA Government for accepting what it terms as “restrictive clauses” in the purchase of the American warship, USS Trenton now renamed INS Jalashwa.

    These clauses forbid the use of the warship for offensive purposes and even allow intrusive on-board inspections by the US.

    The Left feels vindicated by the report, and says, “I told you so”.

    RSP MP, Abani Roy says, “I don’t know why the Government purchased this warship. I don’t understand who they are trying to satisfy or who is asking them to purchase such things.

    The Left call for a Government explanation to Parliament is backed by bitter rivals the BJP.

    BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad says, “This raises very serious questions. How can such a major defence deal be shrouded by such mysterious circumstances?……….

    HAHAHAHA! I can’t stop laughing. They bought an overpriced transport ship. This is just funny. It’s like selling ice to eskimos. LOL!!!

    I am sure the nuclear deal will turn out great. After all its a deal 😀

  5. HiAgain,
    I asked a couple of Russians.. apparently they don’t know any camel stories.

  6. HiAgain, let me ask you once again. How can you justify yourself getting a salary and social security benefits from a government that so cruelly exploits your countrymen, paid for from money from illicit transactions such as these?

  7. HiAgain lives in New Jersey. The INS Jalashwa was previously named the USS Trenton. After Trenton, New Jersey. The state capital, in fact, of New Jersey. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    No wonder he’s laughing.

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