The 13th Pragati

It has been exactly a year since Pragati was launched, an event that Nitin has strangely not remarked upon. The April 2008 issue of Pragati is out, and. It focuses on the budget, and as usual contains many excellent articles. I particularly like the one on the Debt Waiver by Salil Tripathi.  There is no article by me this time, but Nitin has kicked me upstairs to make me an editor, along with him. Editing was a much scarier experience than writing, so let me know how it turned out.

2 thoughts on “The 13th Pragati

  1. “Editing was a scarier experience than writing….”

    I can understand. I will check it out. I am sure the standard of writing must have improved (no sarcasm here because earlier it was horrible.)

  2. Is it the editor’s responsibility to check if an opinion column’s claim is valid? I am assuming it will be if the columnist writes about a white crow. So, when does the obvious need give way for ‘freedom’?

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