Google Spreadsheet Sucks

I have an insanely complex spreadsheet that I use to manage my investments. I decided that I wanted to upload it to Google Spreadsheets so that I don’t have to depend on access to my home laptop. Ran into two problems:

  1. Upload of the .ods doc failed. When I converted the same document to .xls, it uploaded. So much for Open Document support.
  2. It turns out that Google still does not support pivot tables. This is insane. How can you claim to be a serious competitor to Microsoft Excel if you don’t support pivot tables?

The second problem is a showstopper for me. Sigh.

12 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheet Sucks

  1. If all you need is access from any other place, why not just email to your own gmail account & download & upload it from anywhere.
    Oh! and do remember to password protect it… 🙂

  2. It turns out that Google too does, by adding a gadget. I will try it out, but it is still a pain that uploading a .xls file with a pivot in it does not recreate the pivot.

  3. Mohit, what if I forget to email? What if I pick up the wrong version from my gmail? On top of that, at home, I use Openoffice and at work I use Excel. By the time I sort out the logistics of these issues, I won’t get any work done.

  4. For investments though, I wonder how you update it every day. Or track SIPs. Isn’t Moneycontrol’s portfolio management tool easier?

  5. Why do you use OpenOffice at home? Use MS Office yaar 🙂

    Flippancy aside, i see the point you’re making. I usually carry around my external hard disk which has all my personal data & i can use it at home as well as at work. Just needs to be backed up on the home pc every week or so.

    Maybe there’s a business in providing a “hosted MS Office” solution on a pay-per-use basis!

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