Ritwik Priya, having decided that he is not going to nitpicky wars with me, has decided to write a series of posts summarizing his text books. But he finds himself unable to avoid taking a swipe at me:

Thus, when Ravikiran asserts†here†and†here†that retail investors in India are stupid and hence the EMH may not hold for India, it makes me wonder if he understands the EMH at all. As long as the idiot retail investors in India (or elsewhere) are idiotic in their own randomly distributed ways, the EMH would still hold. The argument is simple – the overestimations of the positive idiots will cancel out the underestimations of the negative idiots. The only problem arises when idiocy is systemic – when idiots make mistakes that are very similar to each other.

The problem with Ritwik is that he balances his undoubtedly sound knowledge of theory with an utter lack of common sense.†

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Google Spreadsheet Sucks

I have an insanely complex spreadsheet that I use to manage my investments. I decided that I wanted to upload it to Google Spreadsheets so that I don’t have to depend on access to my home laptop. Ran into two problems:

  1. Upload of the .ods doc failed. When I converted the same document to .xls, it uploaded. So much for Open Document support.
  2. It turns out that Google still does not support pivot tables. This is insane. How can you claim to be a serious competitor to Microsoft Excel if you don’t support pivot tables?

The second problem is a showstopper for me. Sigh.