5 thoughts on “The Baptists are the Bootleggers

  1. I have been to one such temple (in Ujjain), though being a virtuous man, didn’t sample the offering. I think you will have a libertarian position, that is seeling alcohol (or meat) should never be prohibited by government. As a general principal, I am not sure what policy I favor though libertarian position is attractive on account of its internal consistency, but I lean towards subsidiarity i.e. letting communities decide the laws for themselves.

  2. “letting communities decide the laws for themselves.”

    New age socialists agree. Convergence maaan!

  3. Gaurav : if temples are privatized I think the managements of the ones widely considered holy will have enough money to buy the vicinity and thus prevent the sale of alcohol, meat etc. around. Of course that is an ideal-end-state-type and I am fully on your side given the present scenario.

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