[Raj] Thackeray’s successes evidently left an impression on 1,900 employees of Jet Airways, who were fired last week thanks to the global financial crisis. They rushed to Thackeray’s office. He thundered that no Jet Airways flight would leave Mumbai until the employees were rehired.

If an Indian politician said that a generation ago, it might have been empty bluster. Today, the threat was taken seriously enough that the airline’s chairman, Naresh Goyal, held telephone discussions with Thackeray. After Thackeray’s and others’ lobbying, the employees were rehired the next day. (Anand Giridharadhas/IHT)

What is it about these Indian journalists joining foreign publications? Are lobotomies compulsory?

7 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. No no. The textbook already exists. Advanced Macro by Mankiw & Romer. Or Introductory by Fischer/Dornbusch/Startz.

  2. Ravikiran,

    I didn’t quite understand your comment. Granted, Jet Airways rehiring may not be entirely due to Thackeray, but isn’t the overarching point about use of violence by politicians true? I thought it was a decent article.


  3. Sure. The tone of the article suggests that this is a new phenomenon that didn’t exist before. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that mob violence has been on the rise( or it was always steady). I am not certain if the statement is true; it may be the availability bias. But surely, lobotomies to journalists(at least, for this one) are not necessary, no?

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