Get in Line Along With Everyone Else

OK, Aravind Adiga, author of The White Tiger, which, to go by common consensus, seems to have won an undeserved Booker, has said:

So, where’s this Shining India everyone’s talking about? It was time someone broke the myth…

The last time I checked, there is a huge queue of people waiting to bust the myth of Shining India and collect their publisher’s advance. Why does every single one of them feel the need to pretend that he is the first one to bust the myth?

8 thoughts on “Get in Line Along With Everyone Else

  1. The windmills are gone, only the Don Quixotes remain, waving their pens at ghost of monsters long departed, yearning for the glories of ancient ages.

  2. @SlaveEmp: Here is a DIY method for you: Visit Blogbharti. Browse the archives under “poverty”, “development”, “human rights” etc. and find plenty of linked posts on the non-shining India. Make a list of authors of such posts.
    Also visit Kafila.
    Try Shivam Vij’s website as well.
    From the other side of the fence, there is plenty of non-shiny stuff on Indian National Interest blogs.

  3. I am assuming someone has read the book before passing the “undeserving” judgement.

    Literary criticism is highly subjective – this statement is an objective fact 🙂

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