How I Manage My Investments

Aadisht was keenly interested in the spreadsheet I referred to in the post below. It so happens that I am inordinately proud of my creation. So, as a service to society, I have uploaded it to Google and shared it with the world.  But:

  1. You need to be logged in to google to see it
  2. The data is scrubbed. All values are dummies, except the names of the funds in the first sheet – those are a subset of the ones I actually own. But everything else, including folio numbers, prices and number of units is fake.
  3. It is writable by anyone.  I had to make it writable for you guys to see the formulas. But please don’t make any changes.
  4. On the last sheet are supposed to be two pivot tables. As I have explained, when I upload a .xls file, Google converts pivot tables into simple tables. But the pivot is self-explanatory and  you can recreate it.
  5. You can download as .xls for your use. But a stupid bug will be apparent to you if you compare the last sheets. It is trivial to fix it.
  6. The spreadsheet is probably unusable unless you understand the thinking behind it. 

The last lacuna, I shall now rectify with the following treatise on how I do my investing.

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